Charlize Theron talk about how the role changed her career

Шарлиз Терон рассказала, какая роль изменила ее карьеру

Recently Charlize Theron was the guest awards Hollywood Film Awards, where she presented the award For “career growth”. The actress spoke on the topic of how one role can change a life. For a long time she was invited only to the place of a girlfriend or wife, because the actors are not taken seriously. However, after the release of the tape, “Monster”, where 44-year-old star has played a leading role, she was being treated differently, she also received the award “Oscar”.

Since then, the Studio offered Charlize Theron more diverse images, and still she had the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. Now a celebrity can choose which roles she play, so try to try a variety of roles. In the course of receiving the award the actress added that in the near future no plans to retire, because he likes, write “Current news”.

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