Charlottesville, quite against his will under the spotlight

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    Sunday, August 13, 2017 12:07

    Sunday, August 13, 2017 12:07

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    Small town historic and charming in the heart of the american State of Virginia, the Charlottesville area is since recently at the centre of a publicity which it would be well spent, as it considers that it has the opposite of the activists of the extreme right came two times causing controversy.

    This university town of 50 000 inhabitants had already seen disembarking on July 8, dozens of members of the Ku Klux Klan. Saturday, she saw meet hundreds of new protestors, radicals, rally, punctuated by violence that left one dead and many injured.

    Charlottesville has its recent burst into the news only to the presence in one of its public gardens of an imposing equestrian statue of general Robert Lee (1807-1870), who led the confederate troops of the States slaveholders during the american Civil war.

    In deciding by a democratic vote in February debunk this monument, the municipality was far from imagining that it would become a rallying point for national networks to radical, racist and anti-semitic and advocating the supremacy of the white race.

    What a contrast between these activists-like paramilitary, landing the America deep in their pickups, and the elegant buildings of red brick with lawns cared for in Charlottesville ! And what a distress to those people voting democratic by an overwhelming majority to see their city associated with xenophobic slogans and sectarian !

    “This is not who we are. We take of the proceedings in favour of the reception of immigrants, racial equality and reconciliation”, had said in July at the AFP Kristin Szakos, one of the five elected city council.

    With a jewish mayor and a Black chief of police, Charlottesville wants to reflect the opening symbolized by its prestigious university founded in 1819 by the chair informed Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826).

    This campus is regularly ranked among the 25 best in the country and its architecture earned him to be classified by UNESCO.

    Also on the list of world heritage of Humanity, Monticello, the beautiful domain of the third u.s. president, is not far. Jefferson drew up the plans himself of his home, which overlooks Charlottesville and the hills planted with vineyards surrounding the area.

    The inhabitants of Charlottesville regret all the more to be mired in the dispute over the monuments to the confederates that no major battle of the american Civil war (1861-1865), has taken place.

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