Charlottesville: Sessions condemns “racial intolerance and hatred”

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    Jeff Sessions


    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 01:09

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 01:09

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    The american minister of Justice Jeff Sessions has condemned Saturday “racial intolerance and hatred”, after the violence in Virginia where a car rammed into the crowd in clashes between activists of the far-right and counter-demonstrators.

    The violence of Charlottesville, where a woman was killed by this car, “”reaching the heart of the law and justice american,” said Mr. Sessions in a press release.

    “When such actions are prompted by racial intolerance and hatred, they betrayed our core values and cannot be tolerated,” said Mr. Sessions. “Justice will prevail”, he promised.

    Mr. Sessions stated that he had talked with the director of the FBI, Chris Wray, as well as with agents of the FBI, the american federal police, to the Charlottesville area and responsible for the maintenance of order in Virginia, a State in the eastern United States, where is Charlottesville.

    The FBI has opened an investigation into the circumstances in which a man has dark Saturday in the crowd at the edge of a car killing a woman in Charlottesville, at the time where there were clashes between activists of the far-right and counter-demonstrators.

    The division of Richmond (Virginia) FBI announced in a press release that an investigation was open on “the circumstances of the fatal accident involving a vehicle that occurred Saturday,” in Charlottesville.

    One of the reasons why the FBI took the case of Charlottesville is the fact that the man who is accused of having charged the crowd with a car that had come from the Ohio, in the north-eastern United States, resulting in the involvement of the federal police.

    A 32-year old woman was killed and 19 people were injured when a car crashed into a crowd, according to witnesses, counter-protesters at the rally of the extreme right.

    The driver was placed in custody and the police are dealing with the facts as a “homicide criminal”, said the chief of police of Charlottesville, Al Thomas.

    According to CNN, the suspect, James Alex Fields Jr, 20 years old, a native of Ohio, has been charged with murder, injury and hit-and-run.

    His mother, Samantha Bloom, told the daily Toledo Blade that his son had sent him on Friday a SMS telling him he had to attend the gathering of the nationalist right and identity in Virginia.

    “I told him to be careful,” and if he was going to show in Charlottesville, “do so peacefully”, she said.


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