Chaudière-Appalaches, the trails open, but…

Chaudière-Appalaches, les sentiers ouverts, mais...

Rightly recognised as one of the best regions for the practice of the quad to the Québec city, Chaudière-Appalaches has opened its trails, but here, as elsewhere, there are constraints.

“Currently, there is one certainty, it is that the trails are open, launched from the outset, Louis Chamberland, Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches. However, I would say that it is much more accessible for the locals who can go for a little hike on Sunday. For people from outside, who often frequent our area, the problem lies at the level of services. In many cases, they are not available, as long as there will be no other measures of déconfinement announced by public Health. “

The opening of campgrounds and outfitters on June 1st has changed a little the gives.

“It is certain that the reopening of the campgrounds and outfitters makes some accommodations have started to reopen, but this is not at the same level as we are used to from us. “

It is this that summarized the state of the situation at the time of writing these lines. However, mr. Chamberland does not lose hope.

“Yes, we can do the quad in Chaudière-Appalaches, but it is still limited. I am well aware, however, that everything can change in the course of the next few weeks, but I don’t want to create false expectations. “


For the summer season, the region has 1890 miles of trails or 715 kilometers of trails, only summer and 1175 km of trails for four seasons.

“We have an interesting offer with all that it takes for the people who come to us an enriching experience. However, currently, we can’t really encourage people from other regions to come to us, since travel between regions are discouraged. “

On the Road quad, the specialist had the following clarification points : “The level of trails of the Road quad, they are open, but, theoretically, people should practice their activity more local. We have different tours in the area that can be done by locals. We can think of the circuit of sugar Maple stands in the sectors of Tourville, lac Trois-Saumons and Saint-Pamphile, to the south of the region. The people of the region may take the start at the Sports Centre the Jasmine and enjoy the 205 miles of the circuit. They will be able to see many different attractions such as the belvedere observation of lac Trois-Saumons, the regional park of the Appalachian mountains and the area of the lake Land on the stretch from Monk. “


Two other areas of importance are found in the region.

“We have a circuit of 200 miles which key sectors of Buckland, the regional park Massis south, Saint-Luc and Daaquam, emphasizes the expert. The suggested starting point is the Church of Buckland. The main attractions are several lookouts and points of view in the regional park with wind turbines, and magnetic hill of Buckland. “

A third circuit that is easily accessible to residents is that of the region of Thetford Mines.

“We suggest that people from The Domain Cache or even the Mont-Radar. As currently these institutions can only offer their usual services, it may happen that a parking charge will apply. He leaves one point or the other, on the 250 kilometres of this tour, the quadiste will be able to discover the landscape minier de Thetford Mines, the valleys and the mountains and the Mont-Radar. “


Despite the fact that the situation is not ideal, the specialist still retains hope for the future when things will return to normal.

“I can’t quantify the loss that we have in the region, but I know that it is important. Just think of the sector of accommodation and food, it is major. It should be understood that for any tourism industry we are the first to be affected and the last to leave. In 2019, we had a very nice year. We expect that it takes two to three years before we went back to the same level. “

For him, the privileged position of its region at the centre of many other, allowing you to keep hope.

“This saves us a lot, as soon as it will be a little more clear in the déconfinement, it is that we are a region of proximity. Our territory is easily accessible, with a good population pool. I would also say that the special feature that will help us the most is that we have a lot of tourism is intra-regional. The area is great. A lot of people of Lévis can make trips to Saint-Jean-Port-Joli or to rent a cottage in the corner of Tourville, without forgetting the sector of Thetford, which offers quality accommodation. It is this that will save us. In reality, the people of Lévis who do this type of stay do not go out of the region. I would say that 95 % of our customer base in the region is intra-Québec. It is for this reason that I sincerely believe that in us, the recovery will be faster and easier. “

It must now be hoped that some relief will be provided through the public Health. Then things will return to some normality necessary for the wheel to turn again.

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