Cheap healing ointment from the pharmacy, about the power that we forgot

Недорогие целебные мази из аптеки, о силе которых мы забыли

We trust the advertisements and often buy expensive drugs to supposedly “maximum” efficiency. In pharmaceuticals, as in any other business, plays a considerable role in the marketing, packaging of the product and its popularity. Therefore, we often do not see really effective tools in a modest package. Including cheap ointments from the pharmacy!
Today we will talk about 5 ointments, which cost a penny, and have the strongest therapeutic effect. Because the ointment is a convenient form of cures for many diseases.+

1. Levomekol

Недорогие целебные мази из аптеки, о силе которых мы забыли

Antiseptic, ointment for external use “nasal spray” is a universal drug. The ointment has antimicrobial activity, which is aimed to a wide range of pathogens, including the most dangerous. Also the tool perfectly removes inflammation, promoting faster healing.+

Apply the ointment in the case of burns, cuts, acne and boils. Use it should, even when the acne has not yet appeared, but in a place seen clear signs that he would soon appear. For the treatment you need to apply a rough layer of ointment locally to the affected area until complete recovery. And the process of recovery will take a minimum of time.+

2. Salicylic ointment

Недорогие целебные мази из аптеки, о силе которых мы забыли

The active ingredient salicylic ointment acts as salicylic acid, known for its antibacterial properties. The tool can be bought at any pharmacy at the lowest price. The advantage of ointment before the alcohol acts as a more gentle effect and improved effect of peeling dead cells of the skin.+

Apply ointment should with any skin problems. Tool is one of the most effective acne medications that are equally well eliminates acne, pimples, blackheads, excessive oiliness of the skin and other skin problems. It is better to use the ointment after pre-treatment of the affected area with hydrogen peroxide. Locally it is better not to work once again on healthy skin areas.+

3. Zinc ointment

Недорогие целебные мази из аптеки, о силе которых мы забыли

Zinc ointment for external application is one of the best anti-inflammatory drugs with complex action. The antiseptic properties of the drug allow to destroy a colony of microorganisms. Adsorbent – show the metabolic products of microbes. Drying – promote tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory to soothe the affected area of the skin and subcutaneous layer.+

Zinc ointment can also be used to prevent the appearance of pimples. Smeared place at night, in the morning you can be calm. This is possible thanks to the properties of the metal zinc, which is actively used in cosmetology to produce anti-aging, acne and sedatives.+

For example, an ointment can be used after waxing, even in the bikini area. It’s enough to put on depilitory the plot is not thick layer of ointment and hold it for a few hours. Already from the first use will be able to completely prevent irritation.+

If conducted a comprehensive pedicure with clean feet and heels, its effect can be extended. For this you need to periodically lubricate the forefoot and heel zinc ointment. The skin becomes young and fresh.+

4. Apilak

Недорогие целебные мази из аптеки, о силе которых мы забыли

Ointment Apilak – a unique product based on Royal jelly. Drugs on the market the ointment for a long time, and for years proved itself as a multilateral tool with high efficiency. Use it under a variety of diseases, and in each case, the ointment is well proven. Medicine is rich in vitamins, micro – and macroelements, amino acids and other nutrients.+

Most often the Drug is used in the postoperative period to accelerate recovery, improve appetite. Also it is actively used for the treatment of infertility in women. If you combine an ointment with the same Bud you can get for the treatment of seborrhea and other skin problems. The tool is produced in the form of ointments, supplements and suppositories, but the first option is the most popular.+

To get rid of excessive fat facial skin, once every 7 days apply the ointment coarse layer. And if you suffer from fatigue at work, fatigue, drowsiness, try the Drug, and you will be able to tone the body and mind.+

5. Retinoic ointment

Недорогие целебные мази из аптеки, о силе которых мы забыли

It is the least known tool among inexpensive ointments. In addition to retinoic ointment can often hear the name “Isotretinoin”, which is the active ingredient first. The composition of the ointment is incredibly rich in vitamin a, which is known beneficial properties for health and beauty.+

Initially, the ointment was manufactured as protivopravnoy, but over time was seen properties that delay ageing and improve skin condition. In addition, the drug eliminates redness, irritation and inflammation on the skin. Better to make medications mask keep on face for about half an hour. In some cases, you can leave the mask of ointment at night.+

All of these funds are medical preparations, so we strongly recommend to verify the absence of individual intolerance of the components of the ointments and drugs. To do this, apply a ointment on the skin of the inner elbow for 20-30 minutes. If adverse reactions are happens, you can start treatment. And it’s better to consult the doctor to completely eliminate side reactions.

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