Check out Chloe, the new virtual assistant developed by students of the UdM

Découvrez Chloé, la nouvelle assistante virtuelle développée par des étudiants de l’UdM

What to do if you have been in contact with a person of the COVID-19 ? Where to find resources and support? What are the symptoms? All of these issues can be dealt with in a personalized manner and quickly by visiting the site Dialog.

There you will find an assistant virtual medical called Chloe, accessible on any Internet connected device : smart phones, tablets, computers, etc

The latest version offers a wide range of questions and answers is expanded, as well as a daily psychological support for people who have to self-isolate for up to 14 days. In such a case, “Chloe will you contact each day in order to keep track of your symptoms, you explain what you expect and give you tips to find out who you contact if you need help,” says Alexis Smirnov, co-founder and chief technology officer of the company Dialog.

A mass of data managed by IA

Dialog is a leader in montreal as virtual care, which has obtained the help of student researchers in the master’s degree from the University of Montreal and Mila, the Institut québécois artificial intelligence, to design the artificial intelligence system (AI) to the base of Chloe.

“Multiple pieces of information circulate rapidly in Canada, each provincial, territorial and municipal, with its own Web site dedicated to the COVID-19, explains Alexis Smirnov. The role of Chloe is to quickly gain access to this information, index it, and use it to transmit information more relevant and more accurate to users “, according to the release.

The rise of telemedicine

The project Chloe for the COVID-19 is developed in collaboration with several technology partners : Dataperformers, Google Cloud, Mila, Nu Echo, Samasource and Scale HAVE.

To note that this project can accommodate other research trainees, such as students in software engineering, artificial intelligence, or telemedicine across Canada and can contact the business development team at Mitacs.

Mentorly, a mentoring platform digital is booming

A word in passing on Mentorly, a Montreal-based company whose platform is mentoring provides mentoring support for business, schools and large organisations.

This online platform hosts more than 700 mentors international offers the connectivity and the peace of mind to business owners, employees, and students who are in need of solutions or ideas to face the crisis caused by the pandemic.

At the beginning of the confinement, the rate of use of the platform has known in April, an increase of over 300 %, while the home-based learning was spreading speed big V.

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