Check whether you have one dollar bills, check! You may now razbogatet

Проверьте, есть ли у вас однодолларовые купюры, проверьте! Возможно, вы сейчас разбогатете

Did you know that you can become rich with just one dollar? Sure, you hear about it for the first time. However, in addition to the nominal value of the banknotes, there is also numismatic value.

One of the tricks lies in the serial number. If you are lucky, you can exchange one dollar bill in the thousands.

On the website buy all the 1 dollar bills if they have a special serial number. Of course, you are interested in, what numbers should she have to see you smiling fortune?

Good money you can get if the serial number contains 7 identical digits. For example, it may be 809999999. Also very much appreciated the bills, if the same numbers has crept in “extra”. For example 888828888. Also very well buying up the numbers with mirror numbers, for example: 77775555

Of course, to meet a bill can be extremely rare. We must be very lucky man. But provera, suddenly you’re lucky!

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