Cheesecake Easter without yeast – tasty treats for Easter

Particularly delicious this Easter makes one component of cheese.

Сирна паска без дріжджів - смачні  ласощі до Великодня

So, usually the baked cakes just out of the dough by adding yeast. The recipe involves the use of only baking powder. Particularly delicious this Easter makes one component of cheese.

How to cook Easter Easter cottage cheese without yeast

Ingredients for cheese beskidiana belt

Immediately prepare a small molds for baking cakes (fit a simple mug with a volume of 300 ml), and the following products:

120 g of butter;

120 g of curds or cheese;

120 g of sugar;

chicken egg;

zest of one orange or grapefruit;

50 ml orange juice (better to use fresh);

2.5 cups of flour;

teaspoon without slides baking powder;

half a teaspoon of salt;

50 g chopped nuts;

50 g of dried fruit (traditionally raisins are taken);

50 g candied fruit (to taste);

10 g vanilla extract, reports Rus.Media.

Step-by-step process of making cheese Easter without yeast:

Butter, warmed to room temperature, whisk with sugar. To the mixture add the egg and whisk again all. This also need to add crushed in a blender the cottage cheese, vanilla, zest and citrus juice, and then mix everything thoroughly.

In a separate bowl mix the flour, salt and baking powder. The resulting mixture is added to the composition obtained previously. Put the nuts with raisins and candied fruit. Left knead the dough and divide it into the number of servings (in this case, turn 4).

Take a mug, prepared initially. Their vistream with parchment paper and spread the dough to the cheese cake evenly. Now at 180 degrees and bake the treats for 20 minutes.

Dinner is served! Very useful cheesecake Easter without a gram of yeast ready to delight you and your guests with its taste.

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