chefs in a caravan to save restaurants

    chefs in a caravan to save restaurants

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    “I am the first to place orders in” click and collect “this evening. I like to inaugurate the events! ”Launches Lyon chef Marc Boissieux, manager of the restaurant l’Inattendu.

    The “solidarity caravan” project began on Tuesday January 6 at 5 pm. Principle: until January 20, Place Lyautey in the 6th arrondissement, more than fifteen restaurateurs and a local chocolatier take turns every evening to deliver their dishes, ordered in advance, to customers.

    “Bringing gastronomy to life and dealing with the health crisis”

    The objective is twofold: “Bringing gastronomy to life and dealing with the health crisis”, explains Béatrice Grandgeorge, one of the organizers. Marc Boissieux explains: “This unifying project allows us to meet again. It proves that we are moving. We should not let this happen despite the administrative closures of our restaurants. “Eugenie Guillermin, chef at the Bocuse Institute, and one of the organizers, specifies:” The operation could perhaps be renewed … until the restaurants reopen. »Reopening which had been announced by the Head of State for January 20.

    Date which could be called into question in view of the health situation.

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