Chelsea had more time to prepare for the Christmas matches

У Челси больше времени на подготовку к рождественским матчам

The club’s press service announces a game with “Bournemouth”.

“Blue” is the only club from the top 5 who is not playing in the League Cup next week, so I have more time to prepare for the Christmas matches. Last season, the hosts beat “cherries” to “bridge” with the score 2:0.

No team except for Liverpool (3), won the “blue” to “bridge” from 2015, the year more often than “Bournemouth” (2). The teams have never played each other in a draw. Bournemouth international will arrive at Stamford bridge, having the worst since September 1994 (that year they lost 7 matches in a row) a series of defeats. Chelsea have lost 3 of their last 4 Premier League matches.

Chelsea showcases the best the average strikes per match (17,1) in the EPL since the season 2013/14 (18,2).

Recently Eddie Howe stated, “Bournemouth” fighting for survival in the Premier League, and the defeat of the “Palace” last weekend (0:1) is proof of that.

In his first season in the Premier League (2015/16) “cherries” finished in 16th place, but easily escaped the “syndrome of the second season of” taking the next season in 9th place. In the 2017/18 season they finished in 12th place, and a season later 14. the team is Now Eddie Howe is the 1st point from the relegation zone (7 points less than them was on this stretch of the season last year).

2 seasons ago on the same stretch of the season, “Bournemouth” did not win for 8 matches. Then followed a 7-game series without defeat, which included a victory at Stamford bridge (3:0).

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