Cherchesov: the Belgians have easily scored four goals

Черчесов: Бельгийцы легко забили нам четыре гола

“I agree that the Belgians easily scored. We knew how to play the national team of Belgium. If you remember, and in Belgium the first goal for us with a quick attack and scored. We didn’t want to sit in defense. We had to win — 2:0. Still wanted to see what we are.

I already asked whether it was necessary to play the 5-7 defenders. But we had planned with Belgium to play myself. For the 2018 world Cup, we were being criticized that we stood back, and today criticize that attack a lot. If there was some other tournament situation would have been different. Belgium – the team of such level, which had free space and scored goals. But if you look at the statistics, we spent more time at their gates.

It is clear that the score on the scoreboard. Everyone knows who and what did not. You need not criticism or instructions. Players need a specific hint what to do next time to correct mistakes. My goal is not to criticize, but to assess the situation properly, the next time was better”, – quotes the coach of the RFU website.

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