Chest eight-month-old baby pulled the pin in Moscow

Из груди восьмимесячного младенца достали булавку в Москве

Chest eight-month-old baby got a sewing pin in Moscow.The operation for extraction is held in the city clinical hospital of St. Vladimir, report “arguments of the week”.

The press service of the Moscow Department of health said that the child swallowed a sharp object. According to the baby’s mother, he sat in her arms and played with a safety pin pinned to her coat. The woman briefly distracted and soon discovered that the subject disappeared, and the child began to cough heavily. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The complexity of the operation was the fact that the pin was near the largest blood artery – the aorta – and had turned up the sharp end. The doctors managed to “catch” the sharp part of the pins of the device for examination of the esophagus. Then the specialists had to push it down the esophagus to expand with the blunt end up, then it was removed from the body through esophagoscope.

Currently, the child returned home. The Department added that without timely medical intervention, he could die.

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