Chevrolet loses money on each Corvette

Chevrolet теряет деньги при продаже каждого Corvette

In the US for most affordable sports car Chevrolet Corvette the eighth generation 59 asking only $ 995.

This pricing policy has been for the automaker’s unprofitable.

Writes about this edition of MotorTrend, citing insiders. According to them, the sale Corvette options General Motors loses up to $ 20,000.

When you consider the costs of development and production spadara, the price of one “Corvette” should start at 79 $ 995.

Experts do not believe this amount is overstated because the C8 Corvette switched to a mid-engine layout and became more dynamic.

For the base Porsche 911 in the body 992, for comparison, in the U.S. dealers will have to pay 97 $ 400. And the updated Mercedes AMG GT is estimated even more expensive – from 115 $ 900.

Such a low base price, GM had to put not to “sink” in sales. A tempting price tag has helped the brand to create a vibrant marketing campaign.

However, “basic” cars in the dealerships, not so much. The most profitable for the automaker are “Corvettes” with price tags ranging from 80 to 100 thousand dollars. These Corvette C8 sold decent numbers and help the brand to earn the options.

The American media are waiting for the price hike news. As with the Corvette C7. According to them, the concern would not be long selling cars at a loss.

The assumption that prices on the new “Corvette” will be corrected, confirmed a senior source at GM. This will take place during the year.

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