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Чи дійсно відмова від соцмереж робить нас щасливішими: дослідження

Vdovets from simeri on pevnyi period hour of obesity hour, that spend nternet zadlya psihoemozionale health – tak saclike NIN , patirtimi. It is believed scho ajeti I sozleri preventagri our mozok, and vidtak, it should be ustanavlivat pawn obmezhennya that detoksi. However, the truth of Chi TSE DOPOMOGA?

Novi dozen publle in Media Psychology, SWAT, podrn hetros scho obmezhennya schodo hour in Simeria – bushland.

Vcen brought scho vdova from simeri niyak not vpliva on the quality of our life that is not Robit us maslivka.

Poperen of work, that dosljak contact happiness by the hour s for screen, Boule obianime, after not Bulo vstanovleno order di: scho Bulo – Perche part vikoristannya of Chi simeri pogány mentalne of samopoczucia.

That is, if parts of the usage of simeri was privodilo to nasty samopoczucia, Chi povinn mi viluchiti imort fact scho nedelev people just sitting in Simeria more?

Чи дійсно відмова від соцмереж робить нас щасливішими: дослідження

Imore, trivale perebuvannya simoriah . vcash about problems in the real it

Vcen versile perevet scho bude, yakscho group dobrovolcu actively unikatil of simeri.

The stench razdelili uchasnikiv into 5 groups: pers Vier has produzili use simari: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram – Yak as I, and n’yata group utrillas from dgital on the periodic 7, 14, 21 I 28 days.

In CNS skin period, the participants povinn Buli zapisovat Dan about those Yak stink spent an hour, and takozh vdovii on power schodo quality of life.

Чи дійсно відмова від соцмереж робить нас щасливішими: дослідження

Vcen weavile scho znacznik efects from dgital-the detox is not Bulo. However, if you vdova scho osobisto you without acetv better – super Patrimoine system, Yak naladili.

The I yakscho you it seems, scho VI namaliu, better donovitsa about VSIT to the therapist, and not VINITI in this simeri.

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