Child pornography… despite ourselves

De la pornographie juvénile... malgré soi

SHERBROOKE — Annie* has had a bit of a surprise when an investigator of a body of police contacted : her teenage daughter Melanie* was found, in spite of itself, with compromising photos of a teenage girl in his Messenger, transmitted by the boyfriend of the younger victim. Melanie might have been in trouble with the law… even if she had never asked to receive these photos.

“The investigator told me about these photos. She told me that my daughter was in possession of child pornography on his cell phone because she had received and that she had in her Messenger. “The teen-age girl involved against his or her will had not repartagé the photos of the victim, fortunately. “She had not given effect to it. She had told me about. It led to discussions. One has the impression that our bébelles electronic, it is privacy, but there is nothing private on it. It must be so be careful! Even if it is not we who send the photos, we become as complicit “, she summarizes.

The incident occurred two years ago, when her daughter was 14 years old. Annie recounts this incident, stressing that this is nothing next to what the young victim and the parents lived. The victim, an acquaintance of Melanie’s, had sent the photos to her boyfriend… who has finally repartagées to others without his consent. Melanie had slipped a word to her mother before it receives the call from the investigator. The parents of the victim had, for their part, filed a complaint.

Le Nouvelliste revealed to her share this story of an 11-year-old filmed without his knowledge by a “friend” of 12 years while he was naked in the bathroom. The video was shared on social media.

According to data from the book Young people connected, parents informed, seven percent of high school youth who have access to a cell have already sent intentionally to a sexto or a photo of oneself sexually suggestive, nude or partially nude. According to a survey of the canadian department of Justice, reported also in the book, 20 % of teens and 33 % of young adults had exchanged photographs of themselves naked via text message or email.

Melanie is far from being the only one to have received the unwanted material. Another survey carried out in Quebec in 2010 showed that approximately 21 % of youth had received a sexting in the past year and more than 75 % of the adolescents had not asked to receive such photographs.

“It is still far away, note, Annie, a mom informed and that has a very good communication with her daughter. “If the interviewer I had not called, I would have never thought that my daughter was in possession of child pornography!” she says. “It is necessary to erase it or that you got a complaint, but you can’t keep it in your cell. ”

The Service de police de Sherbrooke (SPS), it is specified that if the teen had kept the images in the optical to denounce the situation to the police within a reasonable time – this would not have been considered of the possession. However, if she had kept a few weeks or a few months, then it would have had possession charges.

A lot of people don’t know this, but sexting or sexting can be considered child pornography where the victim is under the age of 18 years and the author, more or less 18 years of age.

“The parents have no idea that the canadian criminal Code, which is from the age of 12, also applies on the internet… from the age of 12 years, you are responsible for your acts in life and on the internet also. If you share the photo of a minor, in the canadian criminal Code, it is the sharing of child pornography… If you’re 12 years and older, you are responsible for, even if they are pictures of a child of your age… This is not clear for parents. When I talk to them, I tell them that it may be that the children do, because they do not believe us when we tell them that it is, that it can circulate and that it may harm their reputation “, stressed Cathy Tetreault, director general, Cyber-help, and the author of Young people connected to, parents informed. It recalls at the same time the case occurred at the Seminary of the marist Fathers, in the region of Quebec, where teenagers find themselves before the courts, including possession and distribution of child pornography.

“I’ve always told my children that the social networks, it is beautiful, but it is necessary to know how to use it. What you put on it, you need to be comfortable to say it in person, face-to-face to someone… Bring you always to this : would you be able to say it or show it to you if you were face-to-face with the person? ” points out Annie.

* Names have been replaced to preserve the anonymity of the interviewees.