Child pornography: Jean-Baptiste Abel said to have “already seen this type of images”

Pornographie juvénile: Jean-Baptiste Abel dit avoir «déjà vu ce type d’images»

The computer scientist who was in the employment of the canadian armed Forces when he did stop, in 2016, for the possession, accession and distribution of child pornography was said to have “already seen this type of images, without, however, having searched on the web.

It is dressed in a camo suit emblazoned with the maple Leaf flag on the right sleeve that Jean-Baptiste Abel was brought to the headquarters of the Sûreté du Québec, in October 2016, after having been placed under arrest at the military base of Valcartier.

Verbomoteur, the man has “summary” at length the sergeant supervisor in the investigations against the sexual exploitation of children on the internet, Éric Belley, the “conversation” they had together before he is officially arrested.

A summary so complete that the sergeant will even go so far as to say to the defendant that he had a “memory like a computer”.

The accused scrolls

However, when the delicate subject of images of child pornography is brought, the accused tries to scroll in the pretext of wanting to “keep silent” and it asks if it should answer all the questions that are asked.

Cleverly, the policeman tells him to be there “to seek the truth”, to understand what happened and to know if it has to deal with someone who has “committed an error of course or be in front of a sexual predator”.

“I travel a lot on the internet… so yes, images like this (pornography), I’ve already seen it, but I can guarantee that visually, the children do not appeal to me”, replied the accused is taking the lead with both hands.

When the interviewer asks him if he remembers the last time he saw this type of images, Abel replied that he had seen “go there two or three months”.

“Suggestive, but not sexual”

And then, with many details, it describes the picture he saw and that featured a child of seven or eight years old “who was caught from behind by a guy”.

“It was suggestive… not sexual… You could imagine what he was doing, but I have not so much focused attention”, he added.

When asked why he had not denounced this image, Abel replied that he had not done so “because he was confident that someone else to do it”.

We should remember that it is before a judge and jury that a man of 30 years chose to stand trial, which should extend over two weeks.

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