Childcare : don’t forget the food chain, argues the Federation of trade

MONTREAL – The Fédération du commerce (FC-CSN) believes that the employees of the food chain should have access to free childcare for their children as well as other essential workers, such as those in the sectors of health and public safety.

“The government must quickly remedy this situation to enable them to maintain employment,” said David Bergeron-Cyr, president of the FC-CSN, in a press release, published on Tuesday.

The workers of the food chain should also be better paid during this crisis of the COVID-19.

“Some employers have already announced bonuses and other financial compensation offered to their employees in order to retain them, said David Bergeron-Cyr. But it is necessary to ensure that all can benefit from such measures, otherwise they will not remain. The government must see now that such a formula is put in place.”

The trade Federation also hope that it provides measures of health and safety to be overseen by the standards Commission, equity, health and safety in the workplace, and this, on an urgent basis.

The union believes that these workers should have at their disposal all the necessary equipment for the disinfection of hands and equipment frequently used. Compliance with the measures of distance (two metres), as well as testing for some are also claimed.