Children have to pay the alimony on the maintenance of older parents – Andrew Reva

What lies behind the next proposal of the Minister of social policy of Rewa.

Діти повинні платити аліменти на утримання літніх батьків - Андрій Рева

Resonant statement: Minister of social policy Andrei Reva is convinced that children have to pay the alimony on the maintenance of elderly parents, reports Rus.Media.

“I believe that in the case of children towards elderly parents should be strict liability – to legally enter a serious responsibility – they have to pay the alimony on the maintenance of parents. In the 51st article of the Constitution says that parents must support their minor children, and adult children have to care for their disabled parents,” said social Minister.

Ukraine fell into a slight stupor. After all, most of our fellow citizens are still normal people, so the postulate that parents of seniors need to help, raises no objections.

Nevertheless, the initiative of Andriy Reva called social networks the next storm. And people can understand. First, everything depends on the personality of the social Minister, which is famous for its resonant and hand on heart, frankly stupid statements. He said that Ukrainians eat too much in comparison with the Germans. Worried that if you monetize the subsidies, the grandmother they will begin to spend not on communal, bread and medicines. And then all begins to pour quotations from the Communist past like “he who will not work shall not eat!”.

Secondly, it is not clear what purpose was made this fresh idea? Behind the scenes – Reva expressed personal opinion or set out the direction of social policy in the coming years?

And finally, thirdly, the Ukrainians, who on the statements of officials not one dog ate it, I suspected the worst: it is possible that we all want to leave without pensions!

There are more questions than answers

We all, including Andrew Reva, remember that the obligation of adult children to take care of old, enshrined in our Constitution. And theoretically nothing prevents parents to file for child support now. That is why the current information occasion is available seem to have sucked from the finger, and this is even more annoying.

Besides the fact that is taken into service the “Asian direction” of a few scares.

“Brilliant – write users. – Through the rural nationalism of the early 20th century to the 19th century where the children feed elderly parents. And in this country only a quarter century ago, doing best in the world rocket!”

Not remained aloof from the debate and experts. In particular, ex-Minister of housing suggests that the government is still to decide where we are going – to the West or to the East? And economist Andrew Martyniuk said: “in China” I will never have, because there culture is the maintenance of parents has evolved over the centuries, and it’s really already in the mentality of the Chinese. We have the same sectioned to anything good will not.

Many have another, a legitimate question – about taxes. Taxes leaves half of our salaries, the lion’s share goes to the Pension Fund. And the output we get that money for pensioners no again – do it again!

Offers Reva, I proposed three years ago, says co-author of the tax reform analyst Daniel Monin. – However, my basic idea was that those who keep their parents fully or partially exempt from the payment of ERUs. That is, instead of taxes have chipped in to a common pot, to give a voluntary opportunity to support parents. Do not support – pay ERUs as usual.

In addition, many rightly believe that even if suddenly made this idea and will find its way in a kind of enacted law, in practice nothing will change: who helped his parents – and he will help, and who is not helped, he will find a way not to do under any laws. In short, if you summarize, the discussion in online spaces is not about volume, it is necessary to maintain their parents, don’t. But what does that matter to the social Minister, and why these issues surfaced just now.

However, according to the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko, it is rather like another empty statement than the reasonable proposals of the Ministry. “Never mind, says the economist, because to implement it in practice unlikely.”

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