Children of the World children’s winners games arranged a tour of “the Moskvarium”

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Daria Nikishina


In the Russian capital came the winners of the 10th World children’s games. The children were invited in the first place, VDNKH, one of the largest aquariums of Europe, reports “WORLD 24”.

The participants of these games have not only won the competition, but triumphed over serious illnesses, including cancer. Among those who arrived in Moscow, there are teams from Moldova and Kazakhstan. The guys saw about 12 thousand of marine life. Played with the seals, fed the stingrays and took pictures with starfish.

“I’ve been here twice, but this time it was something something. Last year I didn’t see how to feed. And now I was eager and saw the food. And I saw!”, – said one of the young visitors of the aquarium.
This year the all-Russian children’s games celebrate 10-year anniversary. During this time the project involved more than four thousand children. The guys compete in such sports as chess, football, running, swimming, tennis and shooting.