Children playing “Intermarum”

Детские игры в «Междуморье»

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharenko ― the identity of the infamous and needs no further introduction. In the middle of spring was a very faint hope that after the failure of his patron in the presidential elections of such characters will go into political oblivion. Where there Goncharenko, again, in Parliament and from time to time a lot amuses the audience.

In October, the notorious MP declared creation in Parliament Association “Kuban”, which will return to the “independence” of ethnic Ukrainian territories, namely, the current of the Krasnodar territory. His performance Goncharenko, seem to be satisfied and announced with satisfaction: “For “curb” hysterical”. This, of course, wrong, but the Deputy drew attention to what was actually achieved.

A month passed, and literally the day the coach broke another megadeal is to create a Baltic-black sea Union. Reflections on the future of the vast region it is issued in the form of the article. It was published in several media. In particular, in the “Ukrainian truth”, the Belarusian opposition website “Charter’97” in Rzeczpospolita, one of the leading Newspapers in Poland.

The concept of the Baltic-black sea Union was not invented Goncharenko (he honestly admits) and is reduced to that of countries in Eastern Europe to put together an anti-Russian bloc. Alleged members of the seven: the three Baltic tiger, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and, of course, Poland. Goncharenko urges them to come together, because, in his opinion, “Western European leaders are actively promoting geopolitical axis “Lisbon ― Vladivostok”, and the EU voices of the poles and Balts are not heard. “It’s time to be strong! Join us!” — such words ends the article.

After a couple of days Goncharenko developed the idea. It turns out that Baltic-black sea Union will be able to resist any aggression and will become the new economic, cultural, and political center of Europe. By the way, as in the case of the Kuban, the author was pleased to hysterical “over the curb”. In General, Goncharenko found a reason to entertain feelings.

However, it is not so simple. In addition to Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, the article of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada posted on Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Georgian websites. Almost everywhere the same title: “Baltic-black sea Union and more weapons: how to protect Eastern Europe.” In Rzeczpospolita the material is called differently: “the New intermarum”. That is, this refers to the old slogan “Poland from sea to sea.”

It is believed that he was born in the time when the poles lost their country and dreamed of its restoration. The revival happened a hundred years ago, and “from sea to sea,” he began to realize. Jozef Pilsudski was going to create some kind of Federation, where a formally independent Ukraine and Lithuania would be firmly tied to Poland. The Belarusian land as a separate subject of the Federation was not considered. The project stalled almost immediately, but Pilsudski was not surrendered, and the Alliance with Petlura was one of the attempts to realize the idea of chief of the Polish state.

However, the failure of the Federal project the idea of “Intermarum” buried, on the contrary, it is firmly settled in the minds. A small example. Before the Second world war in Poland popular “Prophecy of Tangaloa”. It supposedly said the spirit of Adam Mickiewicz during a seance. The Ghost promised: soon the war starts, and after winning rise Poland from sea to sea. Believed in the prophecy willingly. The first publication of the prophecies took place in March 1939. Who wrote this text, is still unknown.

Subsequent events have noticeably shaken the faith in the prophecy of Tangaloa, and, for example, today in the Polish media think about him occasionally. But the “Intermarum” live today. The concept of actively promoting Tomasz and Jerzy Sakevich Targalski. The first serves as the editor of Gazeta Polska and Gazeta Polska Codziennie. Both publications act as “combat sheets” of the party “law and justice”. Targalski — known journalist, political scientist, historian and part-time regular contributor to Newspapers, led by Sakevicius.

From our point of view, they are, of course, funny characters. Targalski, for example, after learning the results of the October elections to the Sejm, expressed in that spirit that Parliament are now holding Putin. And the chief editor of Gazeta Polska stubbornly repeats the phrase “Red army” even if we are talking about the current armed forces of the Russian Federation. At home Targalski with Sakevicius is not marginal, listen to them, and their comments were sought after by both national and foreign media.

However, in recent years there has been confusion: “Intermarum” is often confused with “Tremores” (another name “the Initiative of the three seas”). A new project was launched in 2015. Officially, he needed to strengthen integration between the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe, located in the triangle formed by the Baltic, Black and Adriatic sea. Formally, the initiative was put forward by the Polish President Andrzej Duda and his Croatian counterpart Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic. In fact, “Treemore” was invented by the Americans to expel from Europe “Gazprom” and Russia as a whole. Well, the mess has arisen from the fact that the “Intermarium” freshly baked project constantly refers to Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the “gray cardinal” of Polish politics and the head of “Law and justice”.

Can the modern Rzeczpospolita independently implement the idea of “from sea to sea”? The expert, a former defense Minister and former member of the Seimas Romuald Sheremet’ev (despite the Russian name, he’s Polish), says: “”Intermarum” has a chance to emerge thanks to the United States, Poland itself is weak”. Indeed, the economy of the Commonwealth is heavily dependent on subsidies from the EU budget. From 2021, the donor countries want to reduce the infusion at nineteen and a half billion euros, and Warsaw has threatened to veto the financial plan of the EU.

But the economic weakness does not affect the political ambitions of Poland, and notably her desire to become a leader in Eastern Europe. No matter how to do with the Americans or without them, with the help of “Intermarum” or “Treemore”. One of the tools being drawn into the Polish orbit is the promotion of unity of the peoples who inhabited the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that emerged in 1569 and disappeared in the end of XVIII century. Recently, Vilnius has buried the ashes of participants of an anti-Russian uprising of 1863-1864. From Warsaw came to the event, the President, Prime Minister and defense Minister. In his statement, Andrzej Duda said about tsarist Russia, which destroyed “our country”, and called the rebel fighters “for our freedom and yours”. Polish President listened to the Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration Dmitry Kuleba.

However, in Kiev, to ideas similar to “Intermarum” is treated less seriously than in Warsaw. There probably is an attempt of boys and girls to play politicians of large scale. Mentioned Goncharenko, in fact, offers a close Alliance with Poland in an imaginary Baltic-black sea Commonwealth it is the strongest country. However, this initiative is not the first. In 2017 to create a military Alliance called the then Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs Hanna hopko and the people’s Deputy Viktor Romanyuk. It is noteworthy that their software, too article was published in Rzeczpospolita.

Graciously look upon “Intermarum” and extreme nationalists. In the fall of 2018 the national corpus Biletsky organized a conference Intermarium dedicated to the project. Guest of the event was Jerzy Targalski. In Kiev, he said: “…it is beneficial to create a competitive Union to protect the interests of the countries of Eastern Europe.”

Like “Intermarium” and detained in early November by the Polish border guards Igor Mazur, one of the leaders of UNA-UNSO and member of the ATU with call sign “Topol”. He was quickly released, passing on responsibility to the Ukrainian Consul General, and the media of the Commonwealth was a small campaign in defense of the action. While I remembered that a couple of years ago, Mazur has given an interview to where was presented “an ardent supporter of the idea of Intermarum”.

However, the articles hopko and Goncharenko and events like the conference Intermarium political the weather is not. Nevertheless, Poland managed to increase its influence in the space “from sea to sea.” Confrontation with Lithuania, which lasted nine years, ceased. Now Vilnius is increasingly playing to Warsaw, and for example, they present a United front against the construction of the Belarusian NPP. Ukraine joined the Polish games: at the end of November in świnoujście arrival of an American tanker with liquefied gas for nezalezhnoy. This event is presented as another step to achieve “energy independence” from Russia.

Of course, the Commonwealth will continue its policy aimed at strengthening its position in the “Intermarum”, but turn it from fantasy into reality? Very doubtful. And not only because Russia, through the Baltic-black sea Union, the geopolitical dreamers trying to push into Asia. The great Poland “from sea to sea” don’t need either Germany or France. And the United States, in principle, the “Intermarum” not interested.

Alex Tkachuk