Children screamed in her track: “Witch, witch!”, but the old woman still came to the house. What happened next I will remember, still alive!

Дети кричали ей в след: «Ведьма, ведьма!», но старушка все равно зашла в дом. То, что произошло дальше, я буду помнить, пока жива!

The next day, the Chairman of the village Council, has to live in an abandoned house, ordered to bring us a tractor cart load of dead wood. I heard the house was approached by a tractor and looked out the window. Someone opened the gate, and some people sitting on the cart top, began to throw the sawed logs to our yard. I ran out on the porch, only donning a wool scarf. Stood in the courtyard of Nikolai Stefanovich and commanded the guys. He turned and said,

-Take hostess, firewood!

-Nikolai Stefanovich, but I even pay nothing!- I stammered.

-Come On, SIMA. Wood folk, deadwood deadwood Yes! Does not need anything! I train for kids!- waved head.- Go inside, you’ll catch cold!

I was infinitely grateful! The guys quickly did your job and got a bottle of vodka from the Chairman of the village Council, left, and he said goodbye, left foot.

The kids are still coughing hysterically, but the medicines brought by the wife of Nicholas Stefanovich, he was a little better, the cough has become wet. Coughed abundant green sputum.

On the street stood some kind of noise. Out the window I saw a terrible, hunched old woman with a crutch, who quietly went snowy, but cleared the street. She was carrying a small bundle, and the children, seeing her, ran in different directions, teased her and shouted: “Witch, witch!” But she, paying no attention to them, went to our yard! Was creepy! I am not superstitious, but she was repulsive.

She, without knocking, entered the vestibule, hesitated and went into the house uninvited. “Hello!- I mumbled slowly, one after another kids.

-Peace to this house! — bowing, greeted the old woman. In response, the children began to cough heavily. Grandmother carefully looked at them, and putting the bundle on the table, started to remove some herbs, pies and jam in a small jar. I silently watching her.

What’s your name, what disease?- she asked. I answered.

-I Nura Baba’s name. Why are you kids so launched?Yesterday I saw it when you were here. Walked past (she said!), and then these little guys! I feel sorry for them was, here came their to put on your feet, Yes the nurse wits to learn!- she said, smiling to the children, handed them the sweets.

-So, girl! Go to my yard and bring it to the big trough that in the summer the stove is hanging, yeah grab the copper basin, but the straw more grab! Hay dust I was brought so quickly!- she sent me explaining how to find her house. I didn’t feel from her and obediently got what she ordered.

Grandma, meanwhile, has broken Russian stove, the part where usually the pies are baked, boiled a lot of water and brewed in pots and buckets, which found different herbs that smelled nice.

The stove warmed, the grandmother raked all the ash, put into the oven of straw and the steaming herbal infusion, and a metal bucket with some soap and water( with lye!). Told me to undress to his underwear and polisat in the oven, I protested, but arguing with her was useless! I got inside, it was very uncomfortable and hot, but tolerable. She gave the youngest daughter and had it steamed the pelvis, pouring tea and wash with lye. Instead of wool she gave a soft rolled hay! Daughter coughed and spat out a large piece of phlegm! It is well warmed and breathed the vapors of herbs. Grandma took her, wrapped in a large shawl. The entire procedure was repeated with the other two children.

I’m all wet and also washed as I could. I got out, his aunt had the children drink the broth, and they, to my surprise fell fast asleep. Yourself! From that day on, the children quickly went to the amendment, Baba Nura, we became friends, until her death.

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