“Children who were burned in this hell, the rescuers was simply killed.” Vostrikov and his mother-in-law appealed to Putin. Video

Resident of the Russian Kemerovo Igor Vostrikov, who has lost the fire in shopping centre “Winter cherry” wife, sister and three children, published April 5 in “Vkontakte” the video message to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

"Дітей, які згоріли в цьому пеклі, рятувальники просто вбили". Востріков та його теща звернулися до Путіна. Відео

According to him, he wants the Russian President “knew what was going on”. Vostrikov and the mother of the deceased wife Olga Tihanna on the video criticized the actions of the firefighters and employees of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation during the tragedy. They were accused of corruption and incompetence the structure, the emergency situations Ministry. “Children who were burned in this hell, rescuers just killed… Bore cylinders, not children,” said Rihanna. According to Vostrikov, “officials on their skin, nothing experienced, they are happy to take bribes”. Video published on the channel “Laugh and sin Prodaction” in YouTube.

The fire in Kemerovo took place on 25 March. According to the statement of local authorities, the fire started in the children’s batuti room. According to the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia, as a result of the accident killed 64 people, among them 41 children, reports Rus.Media.

Short in the bundle of high voltage wires that hung over the children’s Playground will batutsi in “Winter cherry”, is the most likely cause of the fire, said Sldram Russia on 2 April.

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