China and the US can note import duties

Китай и США могут отметить импортные пошлины

China and USA are going to cancel each other import duties on their goods in the framework of the “first phase” of trade agreements. If the stage of the transaction completed, the fee will be canceled.

Information about the abolition of import rates has provoked a series of controversy the advisers to the President of the United States Donald trump.

“At the moment there is no agreement on the abolition of any applicable fees as conditions for the “first phase” deal,” said commercial counselor of the White house Peter Navarro.

Experts warn that the agreement could still fail.

“Concrete agreements on phasing out no fees,” said an external adviser to Donald trump Michael Pillsbury.

However, a us official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the abolition of import rates will become part of the “first phase” of the bargain. The contract is still prepared for signature by trump and Chinese President XI Jinping.

As reported by the Ministry of Commerce of China, the country agreed to a phased cancellation fees. Specific dates are not indicated.

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