China army video uses extracts … from American films

China Army Video Uses Excerpts From ... American Movies

Beijing | A promotional video of the Chinese Air Force aroused the astonishment of Internet users on Monday after the integration of extracts from American action films such as Transformers or Rock .

Already seen by nearly 4.8 million people on the Weibo social network, the carefully produced clip presents an operation of its H6 strategic bomber, capable of carrying conventional or nuclear bombs.

High definition image, high altitude shots: The video shows Chinese pilots attacking military bases on islands. The latter resemble those of the United States at Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean) and Guam (Pacific Ocean).

But netizens have also spotted other astonishing details in this clip of just over two minutes, posted online this weekend.

Plans of explosions in the middle of the video were thus borrowed from three Hollywood films: Transformers 2: Revenge (2009), Rock (1996, with Sean Connery) and Minesweeper (Oscar for best film in 2010).

“We are promoting a military plane made in China with extracts from blockbusters made in the United States,” laments, dismayed, a Chinese user of Weibo.

“It's a Chinese promotional video. Why don't we use our own images? ”Asks another, in tune with the general tone of the comments.

Relations between China and the United States are at their lowest in recent months due to several points of friction: trade, Hong Kong, Muslim Uyghurs, Huawei, or even the TikTok video application.

Military tensions are also high with the regular passage of American warships in the South China Sea to contest Chinese claims there.

For its part, China last week organized military exercises near Taiwan, in response to a visit by a senior US official to the island claimed by Beijing, but administered by a rival regime for more than 70 years.

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