China has created a laser gun that burns a man at a distance of 800 metres

В Китае создали лазерную пушку, сжигающую человека на расстоянии 800 метров

China has created a laser gun that burns a man at a distance of 800 metres
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A new weapon has been nicknamed the “laser AK-47”.

In China, the developers of XI’an Institute of optics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences created the assault laser weapon that can burn human skin at a distance of 800 metres. This was reported by Gizmodo.

The developers have stated that the rifle ZKZM-500 shoots a laser beam. It ignites objects instantly, for what it called “laser AK-47”.

Weapon caliber 15 mm and weighs 3 kg and has a range of 800 m. the Device can be mounted on cars, boats and airplanes.

The publication noted that the laser rifle can be used in case of capture of hostages for “temporary disconnection of thieves,” so as you can burn through a tank of gas.

The weapon silently. The invisible laser is configured to frequency – so it is impossible to understand, where is shooting. Experts believe that lithium battery rifle can handle over 1000 laser pulses that last about two seconds.

This rifle is worth 15 thousand dollars.

However, signed in 1998, the UN Protocol on kepadamu laser weapons prohibits the use of such weapons to bring the man to irreversible blindness.


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