China has increased tariffs on 128 goods from U.S. customs war began

The state Council of China adopted the decision on introduction since April 2, increased duties on 128 items American products.

Китай підвищив мита на 128 товарів з США - митна війна розпочалася

This was reported on Sunday China’s Ministry of Finance, reports Rus.Media.

“On 2 April we disclaim customs concessions for seven species and 128 kinds of American goods. Fruits and food products from them (a total of 120 items) imported from the United States, will in future be taxed at 15%. The rate for pork and products from it will be 25%,” – said in a statement published on the official website of the Department.

The document notes that the overall policy of Beijing to reduce at a constant level and the reduction of customs duties on goods from other countries will not change. “We have adopted a measure intended to repair the damage done to our country by the imposition of U.S. duties on steel and aluminium products from China”, – the statement stresses.

The US President Donald trump on March 22 signed a Memorandum which provides for the application of measures against unfair, according to Washington, Beijing’s trade practices. The head of state instructed the U.S. representative for trade negotiations Robert Leitheiser within 15 days to consider the possibility of imposing duties in respect of certain categories of products from China, prepare a list of these goods and also initiate proceedings in the WTO against China for alleged violation of international trade rules.

The us President also instructed the Minister of Finance of the United States Stephen Mnuchin for 60 days to prepare proposals regarding the limitation of Chinese investment in American companies.

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