China imposes retaliatory measures four american media

La Chine impose des mesures de rétorsion à quatre médias américains

BEIJING | China has announced Wednesday the retaliation against four american media present in the asian country, following similar measures taken by the United States against the organs of the chinese press.

The agencies Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI), the CBS television and NPR radio will be required to provide within seven days a list of their employees, their property, and their financial operations in China, said in front of the press, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for china’s public diplomacy.

It’s all about “retaliation absolutely necessary against the repression unreasonable, (the us administration) against chinese media in the United States”, he stressed at a regular press conference.

The u.s. government has amended on June 22, the status of the four State media chinese, accused of being “organs of propaganda” in Beijing and with offices in the United States are now classified as “foreign diplomatic missions”.

These organs of the press, including the state television CCTV and the tabloid nationalist Global Times, must now notify the u.s. State department the list of their staff and real estate.

This enables us to be added to an identical decision already taken in February against five other chinese media.

At the time, this decision marked the beginning of an escalation on the ground of the media between the first two world powers, who are already struggling with tensions very high, in particular regarding the management of the new coronavirus.

At the end of February, three journalists from the Wall Street Journal had been expelled from China in retaliation to the title of a forum published in the daily american. This title had been deemed racist by Beijing and many Chinese people.

In the process, Washington had considerably reduced the number of Chinese allowed to work for the State-controlled media of their countries to the United States.

The chinese authorities had responded by expelling other correspondents american, working for the Wall Street Journal and two other newspapers, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

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