China is a victim of misinformation, according to its ambassador to Ottawa

La Chine victime de désinformation, selon son ambassadeur à Ottawa

The ambassador of China to Canada considers that his country is the victim of a campaign of disinformation since the start of the pandemic.

“China is a victim, not only of the disease, but also misinformation,” said Cong Peiwu, in a interview tour for the show The West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson on the chain Overall.

According to him, China has never sanctioned in the States that have criticized his way of managing the crisis. All information on this subject is false, said the chinese diplomat.

“We are engaged in friendly exchanges with other countries, so there’s nothing like the intimidation of other countries”, he mentioned.

These comments occur at a time when the Middle kingdom has blocked some imports of beef from Australia, a country that has called for an investigation on the crisis management of China which started the pandemic.

The Country of the lotus is also the face of several criticisms to the international on its lack of transparency, in particular on the number of deaths identified, curiously much lower in proportion compared to western countries.

To the ambassador of China in Ottawa, these things are powered by some american policy makers for political reasons.

“You can see politicians in the United States, they lead to [a] political campaign against China, trying to smear the image of China,” has raised Cong Peiwu

“This will not help them in their fight against the disease to save lives of Americans,” he added.
He has also been a question during the interview of the case of Meng Wanzhou, the leader of the chinese giant Huawei-owned home in Vancouver. She had been arrested in December 2018 by the canadian authorities at the request of the United States who accuse it of fraud and collaborate with the iranian regime.

During this time, two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, languishing behind bars in China.

“These two Canadians are suspected of crimes endangering the national security of china, therefore the chinese authorities deal with the case in accordance with the law and I would like to tell you that they are in good physical condition,” replied the ambassador.

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