China reports no new cases of contamination

La Chine ne rapporte aucun nouveau cas de contamination

BEIJING | China has identified Saturday, no new cases of contamination coronavirus, for the first time since the country started to publish data on the epidemic, in January.

The disease has made its appearance in late 2019, Wuhan, but the contagion has been almost stopped in the country, where the last balance sheet is a statement almost of 83,000 cases of contamination, which 4.634 fatal.

The pandemic has meanwhile spread to the surface of the globe, infecting more than 5 million people, nearly 330,000 fatally.

“We have achieved a successful major strategic in our response to the Covid-19”, has proclaimed Friday, the chinese Prime minister Li Keqiang at the opening of the plenary session of the national people’s Assembly (ANP), grand annual mass of communist power. Before 3 000 members of the masked face, Mr. Li pointed out, however, “the enormous task” which had to be done.

The administration Trump accuses the chinese authorities have been slow to alert the world to the epidemic, and of having concealed the extent.

Beijing has vigorously denied the allegations of concealment, ensuring you always have shared timely information on the epidemic with the world health Organization (WHO) and other countries.

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