China requests the United States to pay their debts to the united nations

China asks UN members to “fully meet their financial obligations” means, in respect of the Organization, indicates on Friday, a press release in chinese by citing explicitly the United States, which have charged that in return Beijing of trying to forget his “bad management” of the pandemic.

“As of 14 may, the contributions to the operating budget and the budget of peace operations are, respectively, 1.63 billion and $ 2.14 billion dollars”, said the release of the chinese mission to the UN, which is based on a recent report by the united Nations secretariat, and a meeting on Thursday.

Including arrears dating back several years, “the United States is the biggest debtor, to 1,165 billion” for the operating budget “and 1,332 billion dollars” for peace operations, says the press release in chinese, figures which are disputed by Washington.

The United States is the first financial contributor to the united nations, paying 22% of the annual operating budget (totalling approximately three billion dollars) and 25% of the annual budget of peace operations (approximately six billion).

Formally, the United States are required to pay nearly 28% of this budget, but by virtue of a decision of the Congress, applied by president Donald Trump since 2017, the United States pay only 25%, accumulating each year the equivalent of nearly $ 200 million of debt.

Asked about the call the chinese diplomatic mission in the u.s. to the united nations has estimated that China was looking to back to “divert attention from its concealment and its mismanagement of the crisis of the Covid-19”.

“The United States has recently made a payment of $ 726 million for its contribution to peace operations” and like every year will pay the majority of it in the end of the year, said a spokesman of the mission.

Concerning the arrears of americans for peace operations, they are “of $ 888 million,” including “two-thirds” have come out of the difference between the percentages of 27,89% and 25% since 2017, has also argued for the american mission.

At the UN, to the payment of contributions of member countries for peace operations has a direct impact on the reimbursement to troop-contributing countries for its fifteen peace operations in the world.

In its report of 11 may, the secretary-general of the UN Antonio Guterres noted that it “could be significant delays to the middle of the year, unless the cash flow situation of all the missions does not improve substantially”.

As of may 14, about fifty States on 193, including China, had paid in full their assessed contributions owed to the UN, as noted in its press release Beijing, the second financial contributor to the united Nations, far behind the United States. China pays about 12% of the operating budget and 15% of the budget of peace operations.

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