China, the alpha and the omega of the crisis

La Chine, l’alpha et l’oméga de la crise

We look at things from a microperspective, it is normal : the risks WE face ; the threat in OUR NURSING homes ; OUR jobs which are outstanding. Except that any part of China and come back.

There are, every day, good reason to be horrified of the balance sheets terrifying, in Italy or in Spain. You can also look at them with annoyance or admiration the speeches pompous president Trump.

China, however, is at the heart of the before and after : the crisis to which the entire planet is facing the long and painful exit, which promises, through our daily struggles to cope.

First, without falling into xenophobia trumpienne, the virus is indeed chinese, that he made the jump from animals to humans in a market of Wuhan or a researcher of a laboratory of virology, next, has “escaped” in nature, such as the Washington Post, and FOX News, have spoken this week.


Once the contagion has begun, the apparatchiks of the chinese communist party have done everything to hide, remove, minimize the information on the Covid-19, causing it to lose precious time to public health officials in their efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

At the same time, the chinese authorities have slowed the international response in flouant the world health Organization, whose reputation – including in the eyes of Americans – is now compromised. According to the online media american Axios, Beijing did not shed tears on the misfortunes of the WHO, having already developed its own ” silk Road of health “, another way to attach the allegiance of countries in lack of all around the world. To return to our reality, the constant challenges to meet our needs masks, gloves and protective equipment – that we must seek directly in China – show the dependency that we have developed in respect of the production in china… and not only to fill the shelves of dollar stores.


Recently, Tim Morrison, a former administration Trump and today expert of the Asia-Pacific to the Hudson Institute, described to a senate committee how the United States in 2004, have stopped local production of penicillin.

The decision to transfer the work in China was made within boards of directors who have considered only a short-term profit. This kind of calculation is repeated thousands of times, without immediate consequence, until, as pointed out in Morrison, ” we find ourselves now in the midst of global public health emergency “.

Do we expect finally to suffer from the slowdown in the economic powerhouse of china. For the first time since 1976, the world’s second largest economy, instead of maintaining its continual expansion, has narrowed : down 6.8 % compared to last year.

More often than not, the economic strength china has been offset in recent decades, the economic downturn elsewhere in the world. It is another dependency, I’m afraid, we’ll have all the penalties we get rid of it.

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