China: the balance sheet of the viruses increased, with nearly 1 300 people dead

Chine: le bilan du virus révisé à la hausse avec près de 1 300 morts supplémentaires

Wuhan Suspected of having under-estimated its balance sheet the coronavirus, China announced on Friday that 1,300 dead additional Wuhan, the epicenter of a pandemic that is worth to Beijing is a contraction unprecedented in its economy in the 1st quarter.

Donald Trump, who had in recent days blasted the management by Beijing’s burgeoning epidemic, had just presented his plan to ” reboot America “, the next phase of the war against the coronavirus.

A few hours later, the mayor of Wuhan created the surprise by revising its figures upwards with 1 290 additional deaths. This new count door-to-4 632 the balance sheet of the deaths registered in the most populated country in the world.

In a communiqué broadcast on the social networks, the city of 11 million people placed under quarantine since late January, explained that at the height of the epidemic, some patients died at home because they can be taken care of in hospitals.

They, therefore, had not been recorded until now in the official statistics which do not take into account that the people who died in the hospital.

These new statistics show a jump of 50% the balance of the single city of Wuhan, which is now 3 869 dead.

More than two million infected

Since its debut in the chinese metropolis of Wuhan in December 2019, the disease has infected more than two million people around the world.

This announcement in chinese only adds to the doubts about the balance sheets of official authorities, accused of opacity in their management of the crisis.

The French president Emmanuel Macron has estimated on Thursday that there were grey areas in the management of the epidemic by China, stating to the Financial Times that ” there are clearly things that happened that we don’t know “.

Appearance in an outdoor market in the chinese metropolis of Wuhan where exotic animals were sold alive? Chinese laboratory that studied the coronavirus in bats, without adhering to the security protocols? The theories are well underway and the charges multiply on the part of many western countries with regard to the information provided by Beijing on the origin of the virus.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, whose countries account for almost 28 000 patients, is one of the only to take the defense of Beijing, agreeing Thursday “counterproductive” these charges.

Beijing has also released on Friday its official GDP figures: the chinese economy has experienced a decline of 6.8% year on year in the 1st quarter. China had not known of such a contraction of its economy since the establishment of the quarterly statistics in the early 1990s.

The United States also the economy will be heavily affected. To reduce the financial impact of the containment, Donald Trump wants to reopen the country as soon as possible.

He estimated Thursday that States “good health” could restart ” literally tomorrow “, before the deadline of may 1, a time mentioned, during his daily press conference on the health crisis, citing the Montana, Wyoming or North Dakota, relatively spared.

More 2 135 410 cases of the novel coronavirus have been officially declared to be in the world, including in the month 141 127 deaths, according to a count AFP Thursday at 19H00 GMT from official sources, and without doubt lower than the reality.

The United States bear the brunt, with nearly 33 000 deaths per 667 800 cases of Covid-19. Following the Italy (with 22 170 dead), Spain (19 130), France (17 920) and the United Kingdom (13 729).

And Latin America is no exception.

Darwin Castillo, a worker of 31 years old from Ecuador, has literally lost his father in the chaos of the Covid-19 to Guayaquil, one of the cities most affected in Latin America: he went in to retrieve the bodies in a morgue filled to overflowing. But the body bag contained the body of another.

“Give him a burial “

“I do not reject the fault on the morgue or the hospital – there were people who were dying in the input. I would just like to find my father and give him a christian burial, give a bouquet of roses to my old, ” he explained to AFP.

On the side of Europe, torn between the imperatives of health and the urgency to minimize costs on employment or growth, the authorities advance toward the déconfinement in a disorganized manner.

But more than half of the world’s population remains trapped. And if in Europe the anticipation of a “return to normal” is based on a slowdown of admissions to intensive care, and hospitalization, the pandemic Covid-19 is far to be dealt: it has passed on Thursday a new threshold, with over 140,000 deaths recorded in the world.

Europe remains in “the eye of the cyclone” and must “not lower our guard,” cautions the world health Organization (WHO), noting the “numbers steady or increased” contamination in the United Kingdom and in the eastern part of the continent.

In the Uk, precisely, the government has decided to extend the confinement ” for at least three weeks.”

Countdown hopes of déconfinement in europe and the u.s., some countries have made the choice to reverse a strengthening of the containment.

In Asia, the japanese government has extended a state of emergency to the whole of the japanese archipelago and the distribution of masks in all the households in the country was scheduled for Friday.

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