China: the schools at the epicentre of the COVID-19 will re-open on 6 may

Chine: les écoles à l'épicentre de la COVID-19 rouvriront le 6 mai

BEIJING | schools of the chinese province of Hubei (center), where the epidemic COVID-19, will re-open on 6 may for the students of last year, announced Monday the authorities.

The schools and universities of the country were closed in late January to stem the spread of the new coronavirus.

As for the rest of the country, the events of the “gaokao” (the entrance exam to the university) will begin on 7 July, one month later than in other years, authorities said the Hubei on their website.

Population of 59 million people, the equivalent of the population of Italy, the province is far and away the most heavily affected of China. It concentrates 97 % of the 4 632 deaths and 82 % of 82 747 sick of the COVID-19 officially registered in the country.

Almost all of the Hubei had been buckled at the end of January by a cordon sanitaire designed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Its chef-lieu, Wuhan, has put an end to the loopback on 8 April.

Most provinces of China, have already reopened, in part, the educational institutions, especially for final year students, with the notable exception of the capital city of Beijing.

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