China, where it all began, gets up and denies having lied

La Chine, là où tout a commencé, se relève et se défend d’avoir menti

While the West is hit hard by the sars coronavirus, the recent restrictions have just been lifted in the city of Wuhan in China, the birthplace of the pandemic, after 76 days of confinement.

Myriam Larouche may have been among the humans who have lived the longest in the containment of this crisis. In addition to being these days locked in his apartment in Chicoutimi, she was first confined at the January 23, in Wuhan, where she was a student in management of tourism.

“I can’t wait for it to finish “, says the saguenay region.

On 31 December, while the citizens of the rest of the world wish health and happiness to 2020, the chinese authorities notified the world Health Organization (WHO) is a respiratory syndrome affecting 27 people in Wuhan, a city of 11 million inhabitants.

“The first echo I had it was about the 5th of December,” recalls Miriam. A friend told me texté : “there is a virus that circulates at this time and that comes from a wild meat is infected, so be careful.” ”

Doctors had sounded the alarm, but they were punished for having ” spread rumours “.

The information transmitted is argued that the outbreak was linked to a large fish market, since closed.

The life of Wuhannais followed its course. But Myriam had noticed that most people wore masks.

“A student friend to me texté that there had been three deaths… I said : What ?! “, she says.

In fact, on January 7, China has identified a new coronavirus. On 12 January, the WHO has confirmed having been informed of the first death and 41 people infected.

On January 13, a first case of coronavirus in Thailand. Then, Japan 15, South Korea on the 20th, the United States the 21.

On 23 January, while China has 570 cases and seven deaths, Beijing announced the cancellation of New Year festivities.

Wuhan was immediately cordoned off and its airport closed. “Overnight, everything has been stopped, there was no more public transport, more people in the streets,” explains the young woman.

“It was starting to be afraid of”

On the 28th of January, WHO confirms 4537 case in China and 106 deaths. Myriam could not get out of the campus, and meals for students were made by people in protective suit.

“It was starting to get scared, it was my only contact with the outside world “, she says.

Then in early February, we learned that two hospitals have been constructed in 10 days.

“It made us realize that the situation was worse than we thought. ”

On 6 February, she was finally evacuated at a time when China had 28 000 cases of infected individuals and 564 deaths.

Ensued a new quarantine in Trenton, Ontario, before returning to Chicoutimi at the end of February, in time to see his family before that of Québec enacts in turn the containment.


On 11 march, when the WHO declared a pandemic, in China, the situation began to improve. The restrictions were progressively lifted, and the most recent balance sheet, there are 83 000 new cases and 3342 victims, including more than 2500 in Wuhan.

This week, China announced for the first time in three months, a day without death related to the COVID-19. But the Empire of the Middle does it say ?

A report by the u.s. intelligence has concluded that China has lied about the true number of cases.

Beijing accuses in turn the United States to look for a scapegoat to make people forget his poor management of the crisis. WHO denounces it, a politicization of the crisis.

Myriam has since resumed its online courses. She hopes to return to Wuhan in the fall.


  • 1.39 G of inhabitants
  • 89 940 case
  • 3340 dead
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