China will abolish restrictions on foreign investment

The Chinese authorities issued a document, according to which the country plans to gradually simplify investment opportunities for foreigners.

Китай отменит ограничения на иностранные инвестиции

It is reported Bloomberg.

It is noted that restrictions for foreign companies in China will be lifted gradually over the years 2021-2022.

Meanwhile, in the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is considering the possibility to restrict access to investments in technology companies, the share of ownership of Chinese which is more than 25%. Thus the government is trying to prevent violations of intellectual property rights on American technology.

The volume of Chinese investment in the US fell by more than 10 times through the customs administration’s policies trump.

We will remind: on 19 June it became known about trump’s decision to impose duties on $ 200 billion in Chinese imports if China decides to impose duties against American goods.

15 Jun trump introduced the decision about taxing the next portion of Chinese goods. In addition, it was reported that trump has no plans to stop-imposed trade constraints and prepares a new batch of duties, which will affect the already $ 100 billion of Chinese imports.

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