China “will never tolerate” a secession of Taiwan

La Chine «ne tolérera jamais» une sécession de Taïwan

BEIJING | China “will never tolerate” a secession of Taiwan, said on Wednesday in Beijing, after the inauguration on the same day for a second term of his bête noire, the president of taiwan Tsai Ing-wen, after a separatist party.

“We have a firm determination, full confidence and all the capabilities to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” warned the spokesman affairs Office of taiwan, Ma Xiaoguang.

“We will not tolerate never any action breakaway”, he said, according to remarks reported by the official news agency new China.

The president of taiwan Tsai Ing-wen had said on Wednesday morning during his inauguration that Beijing would resolve to live peacefully alongside Taiwan and that the island would never accept domination of the communist authorities.

The Taiwanese have triumphantly re-elected Ms. Tsai in January in spite of efforts by Beijing to isolate Taiwan and undermine the local economy since the arrival in 2016 of the leader.

Aged 63 years, Tsai Ing-wen is the black sheep of the mainland of China, since it considers, as its progressive democratic Party (PDP), that the island is a de facto sovereign State.

Beijing has never hidden its desire to achieve a alternation on the island due to the positions of the PDP, which has always leaned towards independence by refusing the principle — championed by Beijing and the previous taiwanese government — of the unity of Taiwan and the mainland within one and the same China.

The communist authorities have promised to one day recover control of Taiwan, by force if necessary, especially if the local authorities declared formally their independence.

Beijing defends the idea of Taiwan model of “One country, two systems”, such as that in force in Hong Kong, under which the island would retain its freedoms while subjecting them to Beijing. A solution that Ms. Tsai has rejected on Wednesday during his inauguration.

Taiwan was at the end of the chinese civil war in 1949, the refuge of the nationalists of the Kuomintang was defeated by the communists. It was the basis of the “Republic of China”, which was to be the continuity of the legitimate the first Republic of china was declared in 1912 in Nanjing.

Over the decades, an identity of taiwan distinct emerged, and a number of Taiwan no longer want reunification with Beijing.

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