Chinese lunar Rover for the first time took samples of the unique rocks of the lunar mantle

Китайский луноход впервые взял образцы уникальных пород лунной мантии

Chinese lunar Rover “WiTu-2” took samples of two unique breeds of the lunar mantle. Previously, scientists doubted their existence, the magazine writes . The researchers believe that this discovery will shed light on the origin of the Earth and its satellite.

The probe was able to take samples from the crater on the bottom of the pool the South pole Aitken from the back side of the moon. Before any apparatus is not brought to Earth lunar mantle.

Experts found in samples of the mantle of the moon pyroxenes and olivines. These minerals contain a lot of iron. It also became known that the crust of the moon consists mostly of light minerals of plagioclase class.

To the moon “UTU” was successfully delivered in 2013 with interplanetary station “Chang’e-4” for the study of the heavenly bodies.

Earlier it was reported that the Lunokhod “Jade rabbit” walked on the side of the moon 163 meters.