Chinese readers about the situation in Hong Kong: you’re just ruining your own life! (Guanica)

Китайские читатели о ситуации в Гонконге: вы же просто разрушаете собственную жизнь! (Гуаньча)

According to reports published in the news app CCTV, 6 October in more than nine districts of Hong Kong citizens took to the streets to participate in unauthorized actions. Crowds of protesters in masks blocked roads, disrupted public transport, communication between metro stations, banks and shops, arranged the arson, pelted police with Molotov cocktails and selectively attacked civilians. The government of the special administrative region of Hong Kong issued a strong condemnation of the upsurge of violence and disrespect for law.Official representative of the administration noted that violence continued for several days, led to panic and unrest in society. As a result, many social services, shopping centers and companies, fearing the risk of violation activities, suspended its work. Citizens could not go out, fearing for their own safety, as the protesters for several days systematically attacking civilians. More and more of those who suspected use of a weapon, resulting in serious injury. So, as a result of the use of Molotov cocktails journalist suffered burns.Over several days, protesters voluntarily break the connection between the subway stations of Hong Kong, thereby restricting his work, which creates a major discomfort to citizens daily life. The government of the special administrative region of Hong Kong expresses its gratitude to the staff of metro for their dedication and courage in the course of measures to restore the infrastructure. This resulted in a relatively short time to resume work underground in a restricted mode.The fact that acts of radicalism and violence by protesters in masks did not stop, causing serious damage to the security and poses a real threat to society. In this context, fully justified the necessity of the enactment of the Hong Kong administration of the emergency law and the ban on the wearing of masks. A number of deputies from opposition parties demanded that the initiative was temporarily blocked by a court decision, but the Supreme court has already rejected this demand.Official representative of the administration said that the ban on wearing masks have entered into force. Now wearing the face of obstacles interfering with the identification during the illegal meetings, unauthorized protests and marches will be considered as violation of the law. The ban on the wearing of masks is intended to prevent further escalation and violence and give authorities an opportunity to restore peace and stability. In this regard, the administration urges Hong Kong residents in any case not to break the law.Quietly falling snow: Finally I understood the essence of democracy and the rule of law in Hong Kong — drawing and only.Climate: “Condemn” them, ha ha!amdinside100: Broke the work of the underground. Well, broke and broke, it can always be restored. Nobody cares about these outbreaks of violence, still everyday life is not affected.guan_15695862212153: Strong world scratching their language, while a finger does not hit. Overt inaction.Cold wind: Support the administration of Hong Kong that the protesters suffered severe punishment.Cold, suffering from insomnia current at night: I should Arrest first person who sits in the courts of Hong Kong and covers the protesters.The elder brother Lao And: Police, only 30 thousand people, they have nothing left but to pray that the situation remained as it is.Vsproe: is it possible to go with the protesters contact? They advocate the independence of Hong Kong and will not stop until they achieve this goal.New China in Jiaxing: the Police forces of Hong Kong far from the police of cities in mainland China.New China in Jiaxing: Oh, you angry young people (about Patriotic, nationalistic or critical-minded young Chinese — approx. lane)! Not that you have a position to speak for the whole of Hong Kong! You’re just ruining your own life!

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