Chogo nails afraid Molod farther: napolitans power

Чого найбільше бояться молоді батьки: найпоширеніші питання

Molodih batkiv often koplo panka through marriage dovu have vihaan of detini. TSE fine after mayzhe VSI farther in pers dni that newt month purebeauty have nevenchina Stani mizh cries about relief that “scho I vzagali rally”.

Expressed, or 5 speeches, that nails chwilowki vascular novoispechennyh batkiv. About TSE respown pediatrician Oleksandr Sivolobov, Pereda vidannya “Explorer.”

1. He diha?

mold farther often proceduresa cold sweat in the middle NOC, abi peritonitis scho dytyna diha. Nkoli stink nawt stand bilya Lucca I prizeplaces, Yak ruhsa thoraco CLDA of ditini when I vdihw vidio. Not required aromatica tsogo. So rablet VSI.

2. VIN is not nadto many drink too much?

For niemowlat absolutely fine spathi mayzhe CLI day svoï pers Tien, of about 18 hours over there. Malyuk to prokinetic dwellers paste, saradnici plguni just Chi, abi podivitis on you about 10 minute, and next znovu sasne.

3. VIN not enough STI?

No neophot postijno vimercati I lead oblik grams I mller, ABO budici of ditini for raskladom coin 2 years, dwellers VIN POV. Also absolutely normal situation, if Malyuk sasina not Dowse. Farther mozhut of razbudite ditinu, zlegka poloschatosti Yogo for NICU ABO vuho, if Malyuk zanadto before falling asleep. Ale yakscho dytyna to solicit 15 mllr sums in plashett, he s not die of hunger.

4. And he is guilty so vigliadeti?

Not all niemowlat vigladit so Yak in reklam pagesnew. I TSE Ter normal.

5. Tak poop normal?

Children’s world toilet wyglada marvelous, Yak I smell. Ale TSE not scary. (Lachey if pobachili shelter – contact Artisa s Lorem).

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