Chris Butcher ready to move to the next level

Chris Boucher prêt à passer au prochain niveau

The Toronto Raptors ‘ player Chris Boucher has not been idle during his months in confinement, he who has added muscle to his frame.

According to his words, the Québécois weighs 15 lbs more than before the suspension of the activities of the NBA thanks to a rigorous training and a healthy diet. The athlete of 6 feet 9 inches, had a weight of 200 lb in march.

Boucher’s account, as well stand out in the bottle thanks to the game more physical. His teammates Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka helps a lot in this facet of the game during training sessions of the team in toronto.

“Marc Gasol and all the guys push me and want me to become better and at the COVID-19, I found how to become stronger and I see it in my game, said Boucher during a conference call with the media on Saturday.

“I felt like if I fell often to the ground, when I dribblais I felt more in balance, or I was so focused on the contact that I was afraid to get hit and now I feel myself more safe,” added Boucher. I feel more confident to go looking for a rebound or slow down my opponents in the bottle. Serge Ibaka and I play more physically and he pushes me to that I am improving and I can see the difference with the start of the season.”

The physical improvement of a Butcher will allow head coach Nick Nurse to use the Quebec more often, he played a little over 13 minutes per game on average this season. Such a result would also allow Gasol and Ibaka to rest longer in some situations.

“From what we’ve seen, it tries to give arguments, to break the rotation and stay there to get game time on the quality, explained Nurse. The way he plays, he attracts the attention of the coaching staff.”

In addition to the 13 minutes of the game, on average, Boucher has maintained an average of 6.3 points, with 4.4 rebounds and 0.4 assist per game this season.

The Québécois and the Raptors will resume their season on the 1st of August, in Orlando, with a game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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