Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon staged a concert in the subway

Кристина Агилера и Джимми Фэллон устроили концерт в метро

American presenter evening show, The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon (our colleague Ivan Urgant) — one more master to arrange various tests celebrities and surprises of ordinary Americans. To record a new edition of the program, he invited singer Christina Aguilera and invited her to conduct a little experiment, to which she gladly agreed.

Carefully disguised with clothes, Jimmy and Christine under the guise of street musicians descended into the new York subway, where gave an impromptu concert. Face 37-year-old singer was hiding under sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, and the instigator of all this history still wore a wig. Jimmy played the banjo, and Christina sang the hit Aretha Franklin Think, and around them gathered the passing passengers.

At the end of the performance the performers, much to the surprise of his spectators, took simple Halloween costumes and Christina began to sing his hit Fighter has already been in her usual guise. Needless to say, the crowd by this time had already gathered an impressive — through it can be difficult to pass: glad meeting with two celebrities, passers-by immediately began to remove all the action on smartphones and sing along with Christina Aguilera.

Jimmy and Christine has gathered an impressive crowd of spectators

Before Jimmy Fallon had already done a similar stunt, arranging concerts of disguise in the subway with the participation of Bono, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus and band the Edge. And they all passed on “hurrah”.

As for Christina Aguilera, she is now preparing for a tour, which intends to bring with him his three year old daughter summer, who had a baby with fiancé Matthew Rutler. In addition to her daughter Cristina has 10-year-old son Max from her ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

My son stays with his father, so he could focus on preparing for school. But my girl is her mother’s daughter. I’ll take her with me. Let her see the world through different eyes,— said the singer in an interview with People.

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