Christmas parties: Castex encourages skipping school, parents rave

    Christmas parties: Castex encourages skipping school, parents rave

    REACTIONS – Prime Minister Jean Castex suggested this Tuesday that children who can do not go to school Thursday and Friday in order to limit the risk of contamination at Christmas. An announcement that provokes the bronca of the parents of pupils, already tested after months of school at the house.

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    Deliverance before the hour for the children, the soup with the grimace for the parents. After a slow decline in Covid-19 indicators in recent weeks, the situation is deteriorating again. To limit the risk of a third wave in January, a few days before Christmas, Prime Minister Jean Castex, taking up a recommendation from the Scientific Council, encourages skipping school. “Whenever possible, especially if we have to receive vulnerable people at Christmas, the Scientific Council (…) has said (…) if you can not take your children to school on Thursday and Friday (…), you do it”, declared the head of government this Tuesday morning on Europe 1.

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    France is gradually coming out of its second confinement

    In essence: no obligation, a simple recommendation, however, wanted to clarify the office of the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. A “tolerance” will be applied Thursday and Friday for the absences of students who self-confine before the holidays. In case of absence, parents will however have to notify schools, it is specified. Following this announcement, many families received an SMS telling them that the presence of their child in class was not required, while specifying that the reception of the pupils will be ensured anyway.

    If we start to say that school is optional Thursday and Friday, the children no longer understand anything– Isabelle, mother of two college students

    On the side of the parents, like Isabelle, mother of two college students, we do not understand why the government decided to do so, especially since children are not the main vector of the epidemic. “My children like their friends have been wearing masks since the start of the school year. The college is strict and enforces barrier gestures. So theoretically, no risk of becoming infected at school”, emphasizes the mother. And to continue: “Classes have just resumed normally, if we start to say that school is optional Thursday and Friday, the children do not understand anything anymore. I will be unpopular with my children but they will go to school on Thursday. and Friday”, she argues.

    Still others are worried about the education of children already heavily affected by the two months of confinement in March and April and a recovery sometimes in extremely chaotic conditions, in a choppy way since the start of September. “How many more days are the children going to be deprived of school Mr. Castex? It’s No. We are preparing the generation of tomorrow and you are sacrificing it”, fumed, on the social network Twitter, another parent of a student.

    The vast majority of families also deplore the extremely short time to get organized. “Unbelievable to ask that today … How are parents doing? Ah! Yes, it’s true grandparents are there for that. There, they have the right”, comments, annoyed, a father on the social network Twitter. Teachers and school teachers, for their part, take this announcement with philosophy. “I had planned to do classes Thursday and Friday and I’m not sure anymore. So if I have only five or six students, it will be Christmas movies Thursday and Friday so as not to penalize the others (not time to prepare for remediation) “, explains a teacher.

    On the side of the teachers’ unions, we deplore the government’s lack of preparation. “There was a very simple solution, it was to say that the holidays start on Thursday. In this way, we could have confined the children, but also the teachers, the CPEs, the educational assistants, the student assistants with disabilities, school leaders, administrative staff, ie one million people “, notes Jean-Rémi Girard, president of the National Union of High Schools and Colleges


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