Christmas sales kicked off with a series of robberies and 4 more news that you might have missed Author: Alina Voronina news events events USA

 Christmas sales kicked off with a series of robberies and 4 more news you might have missed

In Illinois, a woman was shot dead days after the murder of her son. In Pennsylvania, chewing gum was invented to protect the body from the coronavirus. And in Spokane, a murder of 62 years ago was solved. Read about this and other news today in the digest of USA.ONE magazine:

The season of Christmas sales in the USA began with daring robberies

And also: the Americans found on the remains of a new type of dinosaur.

On the eve of sales, a wave of robberies swept across the States

 Christmas sales kicked off with a series of robberies and 4 more news you might have missed


Christmas sales kick off in the US starting today. Theft during the big discount season has existed before, but people took goods out of stores in their pockets. In the same year, it reached a new level. About a week ago, 80 robbers in 25 vehicles simultaneously drove up to Nordstrom in Walnut Creek near San Francisco and burst inside. Despite the resistance of the guards, the criminals stole goods worth thousands of dollars.

Because of such impudence, other stores sounded the alarm. The last few weeks have been clouded by new incidents of robbery. So, armed with crowbars and hammers, unknown persons entered the expensive closed boutiques in California and carried out goods worth tens of thousands of dollars. Last weekend, luxury stores in several cities in the San Francisco Bay Area were looted, missing jewelry, suitcases, sunglasses and other merchandise. The criminals fled in cars.

On Sunday, November 21st, a crowd of 30-40 people tried to bust the RealReal clothing boutique in Palo Alto. And on Monday, the 22nd, 20 robbers attacked the Nordstrom store in the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, escaping with goods worth 5 thousand dollars. On Wednesday morning, November 24, in Santa Rosa, four broke into an Apple Store and fled with $ 20,000 worth of merchandise. Videos with daring robberies appeared on the network. They show how people in masks stuff bags with goods and leave in cars parked nearby.

Police presence will be strengthened in high-traffic malls, California Governor Gavin Newsom said. And Best Buy CEO Corey Barry said the number of robberies with pistols and crowbars was on the rise. True, sometimes thieves just fly into the store, grab the goods and run away. As a precautionary measure, the windows were locked and the security increased. A pandemic, economic difficulties and problems in relations between residents of cities and the police could have caused a wave of crime in stores on the eve of sales.

An Illinois woman was shot dead near the memorial to her recently murdered son

 Christmas sales kicked off with a series of robberies and 4 more news you might have missed


On the morning of November 24, 31-year-old Delise Tucker lit candles at the memorial to her 14-year-old son. when she was shot. Three days earlier, her child had died at the hands of unknown persons. The woman was found on the sidewalk at about 12:15 local time, was taken to the hospital, but could not be saved. Family friend Michelle Tharp wrote:

& # 34; She was taken of her life while she lit candles for her late son. This world is so indifferent! & # 34;

Now she is raising funds for the funeral of Deliza. On Sunday, November 21, the woman's 14-year-old son, Kevin Tinker, died in the same place. The criminals shot him several times. Tucker has five children left. The police refuse to comment on a possible connection between the killings and are trying to establish the identity of the shooters. Both cases are ongoing.

In the USA, the murder of the century was solved using DNA analysis

 Christmas sales kicked off with a series of heists and 4 more news you might have missed


On March 6, 1959, 9-year-old Spokane resident Candy Rogers was selling mints near her home. And then she disappeared. The search for the child dragged on for 2 weeks. They were connected to police officers, boy scouts, sea firs and American mail staff. An Air Force helicopter was lifted into the air, but it touched a power line and fell into the river. Three pilots were killed. On the 16th day, the girl's body was found near an abandoned stone quarry under pine needles. She was raped and then strangled with a piece of her skirt. The criminal tied up Rogers' legs with another piece.

On Candy's clothes were found traces of grape gum, which was loved by serial killer Hugh Bion Morse. His victims were 4 women, 2 of whom lived in Spokane. The man denied his involvement in the crime and his words were confirmed by a DNA test done in 2002. In 2003, Morse died in prison, sentenced to two life sentences. Candy's father could not survive the grief and committed suicide in a hotel in June 1963. The girl's mother passed away in September 2006. The case was never solved and it was waiting for its time for 62 years.

In 2021, Spokane police sent DNA samples found on Rogers' clothes to a genealogy company. The circle of suspects has narrowed to 3 people – the Hoff brothers. Only one of them had children. After reaching the daughter of the alleged offender, the police persuaded her to do a DNA test. The results indicated that her father, John Ray Hoff, was the killer. He was buried in the same cemetery where the girl's body rests. John was 20 years old at the time of the murder. He served in the army and was stationed at an Air Force base whose helicopter crashed while searching for Candy.

In 1960, Hoff married and had a daughter. He was accused of assaulting a woman, whom he tied up and tried to strangle. The last years of his life, the man worked as a traveling salesman in a lumber warehouse. In 1970, John committed suicide. At that time, his daughter was the same age as the murdered Rogers. In the case of her death, he never passed. Hoff's daughter couldn't believe that her father could have killed someone.

& # 34; It takes time to realize this. I feel anger and sadness. It's hard to believe that someone in our family could have done this. I always thought that my father was depressed, so he ended his life by suicide, & # 34; – the woman burst into tears. & # 34; He was an evil person and could bring someone to death, believing that he was doing the right thing, but he was not. & # 34;

After the case was solved, Candy's cousin said that she was a very sweet child but lived too little. Three generations of police officers worked on Rogers' murder, so the day the truth was revealed was a special one for Spokane.

Antique gum was invented in Pennsylvania

< p>  Christmas sales kicked off with a series of robberies and 4 more news you might have missed

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Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have invented chewing gum that reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 and protects the body from the virus. They first grew a modified lettuce containing a high percentage of the ACE2 enzyme, whose receptors are found on human gums. Thanks to it, particles of coronavirus are retained in saliva, reducing the risk of spreading the disease when coughing and sneezing. Lettuce leaves have become an ingredient in experimental chewing gum.

Studies have shown that the concentration of the virus in the saliva of those who chewed gum was reduced by up to 5% compared to the initial load. According to scientists, the shelf life of the gum is several years, during which it does not lose its properties. It is not yet known when the special chewing gum will be on sale.

The Americans unearthed the remains of a dinosaur on their site

 Christmas sales kicked off with a series of robberies and 4 more news you might have missed


A couple of Americans found the remains of an ancient dinosaur on their property. She gave the find to scientists from the Smithsonian Institution, taking $ 50 for each bone. Researchers performed an analysis, but misidentified the type of animal. At the site, which is kept secret, bones of fish and other creatures that lived in the water have been found. Therefore, scientists assumed that this area was once flooded.

But soon the paleontologist from the United States Guy Darrow found new fossils in the area. The experts had no doubt that they had discovered a new species of extinct dinosaur – Parrosaurus Missouriensis. They took the skeleton to the Training Center, and then reported the opening to the Chicago Field Museum. His employees became interested in the find and carried out additional excavations, during which they found another individual. At the moment, paleontologists are studying the remains of a mother and calf of an unknown species.