YOU WITNESS As the holidays approach, plans B without grandma Ginette and uncle Boris are getting organized…

No & euml; l & nbsp; : Would you prefer to spend the reunion with your friends rather than with your family? Tell us & nbsp ;!

A festive Christmas meal with friends. – Pixabay

Certainly, for the majority; of the French, No & euml; l is a family celebration. But for others, it's more of an opportunity to share a good meal and exchange gifts with friends. And this for different reasons: they don't really get along with their parents and/or siblings, they live too far from the family bosom, they want to celebrate Christmas in a lesser way conventional & hellip; In this period when & ugrave; When the coronavirus epidemic flares up, some also prefer to stay away from their parents so as not to risk infecting them.

If you have had to. i & agrave; past a Christmas with your friends, or if you like each other & agrave; do it, tell us why. Is it for professional reasons, distance, or because you just don't want to share the turkey with your family? And what are the motivations of your friends? & Nbsp; If you already have ; past a Christmas Eve with friends, how was it? the evening of the 24th or the lunch of the 25 & nbsp;? Did this Christmas taste a little bitter, or on the contrary did you pass & eacute; a much better time than with family & nbsp;? & nbsp; Who cooked & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Have you given yourself gifts?

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