Chronicles of the decline of Pax Americana

Хроники упадка Pax Americana

Here I am listening to Stephen Bannon, and the soul rejoices. Steve Bannon, if someone does not know, is the main strategist of our Donald trump.So fat hour movie with his arguments about the situation in the United States. And reasoning these grim (for him, not for me).

The first thesis. America is in decline. Heap of options, including the decline of science, the decline in industrial production, the falling birth rate (the population is growing only due to the flow of migrants), the degradation of the education system and so on.

The second thesis. America is in decline, but the elite is satisfied. For a large part of the elites thinks solely in terms of profit, and if the decline can be earned (for example, trading in Chinese goods), the total decay satisfied.

The third thesis. The American elite are inadequate. The same previous presidential elections have shown that Democrats did not understand why they lost. Completely ignoring the socio-economic situation in the US and blaming its defeat anyone (starting with Russia and ending with radnicni), but not their own wretched strategy.The part of the Republicans (like Marco Rubio), affected by the neoliberal virus, the same inadequate as the Democrats.

The thesis of the fourth. Washington fought many years against Russia and against China. And thus the rise of China missed, and Russia alienated (and rightly so, I don’t believe the Anglo-Saxons).

The thesis of the fifth. Elite does not hear the interests of the working class (and was told). The only party in the United States, which interacts with the workers and the lower middle class is the Tea party, which cooperates with the Republican (but not yet merged with it).

The thesis of the sixth. Trump is trying to do something against the interests and efforts of the elites. Including part of the Republican elite, integrated into the neoliberal mainstream.

Thesis seven. In Central America is happening “tragedy of biblical proportions”. On the one hand, the local economy is in a terrible state, causing thousands of caravans of refugees into the United States. On the other hand local governments are engaged in real war against the drug cartels – and in some places these wars they lose.

Based on the above three main priority of the administration trump:
1. The Containment Of China.
2. The struggle of refugees from Central America and the causes of these refugees.
3. The return of production in the US (my favorite joke for a few years never tired).

I would, for its part, wanted to voice some things that Bannon did not say (and, most likely, will not tell).First, the us Navy is in decline. Today on duty there is not a single US Navy aircraft carrier. Of the eleven none in the ranks. And the next, who will be able to go to sea after repairs (barring anything unexpected, like the previous one, which had just left port and was forced to return due to critical faults) will be able to do it until the spring of next year. Colleague Zapolskis painted this the other day in more detail.Problems with financing and availability of qualified engineers (as evidenced by the cases useless “by Tumultum” and unsuitable for swimming new aircraft carrier class “Gerald Ford”).

Second, the fed is now actively printing dollars, with great speed. While persistently refusing to call it “quantitative easing” (QE). American analysts jokingly call it “not EQ”, and it drives the average American in debt for 138 dollars a day.

And, third, in American social networks and forums actively discussed the theme that the Pentagon underestimates the losses in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is done in a very simple way – already dead soldiers and officers, retroactively dismissed from the army and concluded with them fictitious contracts as mercenaries from PMCs. And the dead mercenaries using statistics as the loss of US Army are not displayed (as well as their families do not need to pay the appropriate fees).

This is what they say “American kitchen” that is passed “word of mouth”. And that causes growing dissatisfaction among the population.As for me, it’s time to reread “the Grapes of wrath” Steinbeck is magnificent.Alexander Rogers

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