CHSLD: all previous governments are responsible for, according to Pauline Marois

CHSLD: tous les gouvernements antérieurs sont responsables, selon Pauline Marois

The former prime minister of Quebec, Pauline Marois believes that the errors of the governments “successive” are at the origin of the critical situation of the COVID-19 in accommodation centres for long-term care facilities (CHSLD).

“I think it was taken the wrong road. And when I say that one has done wrong, this is not the current government. It is all the governments which have succeeded one another. It was taken the wrong road, and now is paying the price. It’s our parents and our grandparents”, she pointed out Sunday in an interview with the show Salut, bonjour! on TVA.

“There is one thing that we should have given such a shock, that we never should forget and this is the situation of our seniors. It is such a sadness,” added the former leader of the Parti québécois.

Ms. Marois questions the relevance of the living people of the third age in buildings that are reserved for them.

“To concentrate [the elders together], even in private residences where people pay for apartments that are often very expensive, is it really a good idea? Is it that one is not doing the ghettos? It would be normal to live with our children, with the grandchildren, of people of a different age”, launched the former leader of the Parti québécois.

Saturday, the public Health was state-of-5267-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in ” living environments for seniors and vulnerable “, where the residents are strictly confined.

On the 28th of march last, the Bureau of investigation of the Journal de Montréal revealed that Stéphane Gobeil, formerly responsible for the drafting of the speech of Pauline Marois when she was prime minister, is part of the crisis unit of the current prime minister, François Legault, and writes the speech of the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ).Balance sheet Sunday

The balance sheet of Quebec is again increased, on Sunday, with the announcement of 840 cases of COVID-19 and 69 deaths linked to the disease.

The number of hospitalizations, for its part, has remained fairly stable. Not less than 1518 Quebec were hospitalized because of complications related to the COVID-19, Sunday, nine more than the previous day, while 215 were in the intensive care unit, two fewer than on Saturday.

With this new information, the Quebec, therefore, has surpassed the 24 000 persons infected, for a total of 24 107 patients since the beginning of the pandemic. There are also now a total of 1515 people who have lost their fight against the coronavirus in the province.

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