CHSLD : experienced workers to be paid less than the reinforcements

MONTREAL – Following the offer of the prime minister François Legault, who offers a salary of 21,28 $ per hour to anyone who proposes to go to work in a CHSLD, the Syndicat québécois des employees and employees of service affiliated to the FTQ (SQEES-FTQ) deplores the fact that some of its workers are paid less in spite of their experience.

In fact, even with the government bonus of $ 4 paid to the persons in charge in the home of social economy enterprises home help (EÉSAD), the latter will not have the conditions as favourable.

“The prime minister seems to be proud of given what he considers a good wage to people who have no experience in the healthcare environment. This is a good thing, because there is a real lack of arms in NURSING homes and residences for seniors,” said Sylvie Nelson, president of the SQEES-FTQ, Saturday, by way of the release.

“However, when he makes use of personal experience in the EÉSAD so that they can go in a CHSLD while remaining in the employment of their employer, he announced that a lean premium of$ 4 an hour. By doing this, this personal experience, earning a wage near the minimum, is less well-paid staff without experience. We can understand that there is some frustration on their part.”

“It is necessary that the government is subsidizing the wages of women workers and workers of EÉSAD who lend a hand in NURSING homes at the height of their colleagues orderlies, including bonuses. It is a question of fairness,” added Ms. Nelson.

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