CHSLD Herron suspended by its association

CHSLD Herron suspended by its association

The president of the Association of private long-term establishments of Quebec (AELDPQ), Michel Nardella, revealed Thursday that the CHSLD Herron de Dorval, which was placed under supervision following serious breaches, has been suspended by his organization .

“The Herron Residence was one of our members,” he told Mario Dumont's microphone on QUB radio. When the situation arose, we suspended its membership temporarily, the time of the investigations in order to see the outcome of these. ”

The president added that he was very worried about the second wave of COVID-19, which is already affecting Quebec according to public health authorities.

Recall that 38 residents of CHSLD Herron died last April, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a report released to the public on Wednesday by the Quebec government, investigator Sylvain Gagnon wrote that “CHSLD Herron authorities have never managed to set up a stable, well-trained and sufficient work team”.

Employees of the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) of the West Island of Montreal dispatched to the site to alleviate the staff shortage had found residents soiled with their excrement and dehydrated. The report points out that on the evening of March 29, there were only three employees on duty for 133 residents.

Employees had deserted the premises following a first case of COVID-19, but the staff shortage was already present before the onset of the health crisis. The CHSLD Herron had 79 employees, but it would have taken at least 154 to meet all the needs.

“[It] therefore had barely 50% of the required staff,” said Mr. Gagnon in his report, according to “Le Journal de Montréal”.

Listen to Michel Nardella's full interview on QUB radio.

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