CHSLD: Quebec sends officials in reinforcement

CHSLD: Québec envoie des fonctionnaires en renfort

After the doctors and the army, Québec is in the process of mobilizing officials in reinforcement in order to assist the orderlies in NURSING homes.

Officials of the State have received an email Monday morning that announced a “redeployment” voluntary employees non-essential to the functioning of departments or agencies.

This redeployment is seen as a priority by the government, said.

Quebec seeks primarily of officers qualified in human resources and housekeeping.

The employees in question will be deployed in the regions of Montréal, Laval, Montérégie, Lanaudière and Laurentides.

The officials who agree to participate should be eligible for the premiums of 4% or 8% granted by Québec to the employees of the network.

More details will follow…

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