CHSLD : the families are launching a cry of the heart to François Legault

CHSLD : les familles lancent un cri du coeur à François Legault

It is known that the situation of the COVID-19 is extremely difficult in all of the accommodation facility of long-term care facilities (CHSLD), mainly from the greater Montreal area.

VAT News went to meet families who are sounding the alarm due first to the lack of protective equipment – masks, gloves, gowns – and also work habits of some employees, who attend to the care of seniors or the most vulnerable people in the crisis of the novel coronavirus.

These families are launching a cry of the heart to François Legault: they say they are willing to enter NURSING homes as caregivers, to help their father, their mother and all hope that the message will be heard.

The CHSLD Laurendeau of Montréal, the mother of Chantal Downing is on the third floor.

“Currently, I think the wing, it is all infected, except my mother,” said Ms. Downing in an interview broadcast on LCN, Saturday. She put a camera in his room.

Monic Dessalliers did the same thing to his sister. “She spent 24 hours on the back, all night, all day, without being moved. ”

These women lamented the fact that several safety rules are not followed.

“I filed a complaint. There was a woman who was dropping his mask to speak to my mother. When someone takes it lightly, this is unacceptable “, said Ms. Downing.

The CHSLD Laurendeau said its possible

In what has been filmed, and another does not put his gloves to his care. Also, a woman donned her jacket for protection in the room while she would have had to do this before you enter.

“I do it myself, reminders. Even this morning, someone who was wearing the mask below the nose… It was someone in infection prevention and control, which toured “, notes Chantal Lavallée, coordinator of the CHSLD Laurendeau.

Sunday, nurses in prevention of the infections of the CHU Sainte-Justine will come to lend a hand. It misses at least 70 workers on more than 300.

“We don’t have the choice, we made calls to the agencies, we are trying to recruit. Sometimes, it keeps the world a little longer on their shift to try to get as many people as possible, ” said Ms. Lavallee.

It is known that the prime minister Legault seeks arms to come in and take care of the elderly. These caregivers are ready to serve as soon as possible.

“They are aliens for help, volunteers and all. But to us, it seems that one does not… One of the members of the family, but how is it that they have not thought of us first? ” asks Ms. Downing.

“We will have good news next week, assures Ms. Lavallée. It is really in the process of completing the plan to allow for the opening to family caregivers. ”

A balance sheet on the point of getting worse and worse

In total, 169 of the 300 residents have been affected up to now the CHSLD Laurendeau. It only records two new cases in 24 hours. Five people would be healed.

From the beginning of the pandemic, a hot zone was improvised on the first floor to receive 13 residents infected, but this is no longer enough.

According to management, there have been 58 deaths. The union said that there are more of them.

“We just report us that we would be made to 79 deaths,” denotes Alexandre Package, the interim president of the CSN for the CIUSSS of the North-of-the-Island-of-Montreal,

Everyone is trying to save the elders, but according to him, these are not the premiums paid by Quebec that will improve the situation.

“It gives 25 piasses by payroll to go directly into the COVID-19. This is ridiculous, this is laughing of our workers. ”

According to the information of a story of Harold Earned for VAT New

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